Dainik Bhakar delivers innovative campaign in Indore

Dainik Bhaskar, in keeping with its tradition of delivering out-of-the-box inventive campaigns, has created another milestone in print innovation. To promote the D'Ornate's exquisite flats, a flagship property located in the heart of Indore, Dainik Bhaskar launched the Road-block innovation in the Indore city edition.

13 Oct 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Nine sequential advertisements were published on alternate pages of the 16-page city edition with each advertisement focused on a unique aspect of the project, making a concentrated attempt to convey the property's premium status.

The advertisements were positioned in such a way that each consecutive advertisement was larger in size than the previous one, culminating in a full-page advertisement, and forming a true crescendo.

The campaign was carried out and accomplished on a weekday, specifically at the start of the week (Monday), demonstrating the company's strength, as real estate advertising is usually parked for the weekends.

Narendra Gorani, director, Gorani Group, flagship D'Ornate project, said “Given the premium-ness of our project, we wanted to generate significant market buzz with some out-of-the-box promotion. Thus, in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar, we devised this road-block innovation, in which many advertising run concurrently in the same issue on a single day. So far, the customer and market response has been extremely positive and overwhelming.”

Naresh Pratap Singh, the unit head of Indore, Dainik Bhaskar Group, said, “Our focus, in all we do, but particularly in our innovations, is on providing our advertisers with the most value for their money. Therefore, seeing the D'Ornate teams smile has elevated the entire Indore team. This once again demonstrates that Dainik Bhaskar has a strong hold on its target audiences and is thus capable of providing a return on investment to our esteemed clients.”

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