Dabur Q4 revenue up 6.4% to Rs 2,677.8-crore

Dabur India’s full-year 2022-23 consolidated revenue crossed the Rs 11,000-crore mark to end the year at Rs 11,529.9-crore. Dabur’s consolidated revenue for the fourth quarter of 2022-23 reported a 6.4% jump to Rs 2,677.8-crore.

08 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Dabur ended the full-year 2022-23 with a consolidated revenue of Rs 11,529.9-crore

The strong execution of the power brand strategy coupled with distribution footprint enhancement helped Dabur’s report a steady performance during the fourth quarter and the full year. 

The company ended Q4 of 2022-23 with a consolidated revenue growth of 6.4% at Rs 2,677.8-crore, up from Rs 2,517.8-crore in the same quarter a year ago. This marks a three-year CAGR of 12.8%, reflecting the remarkable agility and resilience the business continues to demonstrate even in a tough market. Consolidated revenue for the quarter marked a constant currency growth of 8.6%. Net Profit for the fourth quarter posted a 2.2% growth at Rs 300.8-crore as against Rs 294.2-crore a year earlier.

Dabur ended the full-year 2022-23 with a consolidated revenue of Rs 11,529.9-crore, up 5.9% from Rs 10,888.7-crore in 2021-22. Net Profit for the full year stood at Rs 1,707.1-crore.

“Our performance in a tough inflationary environment aptly demonstrates the power and consistency of Dabur's strategic playbook, which helped us capitalise on our brand strength while continuing to innovate and deepen our engagement with our consumers. In an environment where high Inflation continued to impact consumption, we are happy to have progressed well with broad-based growth in our key categories and report market share gains across our product portfolio,” Mohit Malhotra, chief executive officer, Dabur India, said.

Dabur ended the quarter with a volume case growth of 11% and the year with 14%. “During the year, we faced high inflation, which was partly mitigated by price increases to the tune of 6%. Consumer promotions were offered to soften the impact of price hikes on consumption, which resulted in flattish Value-weighted Volumes for both the fourth quarter and the year. This 11% case growth has helped increase the penetration and market share of our brands across categories in line with our ghar ghar Dabur strategy,” Malhotra said.

He added, “Despite the near-term concerns around inflationary pressures, we plan to accelerate the growth momentum by continuing to invest in brand building, innovation, and capabilities that will drive future growth. Our journey to sustainable growth is well on track as we focus on building a stronger, more dynamic business, with a renewed sense of purpose.”

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