Creative Graphics invests in Ofru solvent recovery system

Noida-based Creative Graphics has recently invested in the Ofru solvent recovery system, ASC-500, for its Nylosolv flexo chemical distillations. The system will be supplied and installed by Inpack Solution India, the Indian representative of Ofru.

24 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Deepanshu Goel of Creative Graphics with Bhupendra Srivastava of Inpack Solution India

Nylosolv, which has a high boiling point, is ideal for the high-quality processing of digital photopolymer printing plates. The high flashpoint allows washout at higher temperatures, faster washout time, no plate swelling, less drying time, and improved safety in transit and in storage.

Ofru is a Germany-based solvent distillations plant manufacturer with the goal to produce superior, high-performance distillation plants.

The long vertical condensation column of the ASC-500 allows the high rate of recovery under high temperatures with no loss of chemical components strength and convenient component adjustment. 

Bhupendra Srivastava of Inpack Solution India, said, “The ASC-500 is the most comfortable vacuum distillation unit out of the professional series ASC. It includes a modern integrated steam heating system. A characteristic is the conical distillation vessel made of stainless steel, where the lateral surface is heated with steam. The steam in the double jacket transfers the energy extremely fast into the solvent. At the same time, a high distillation rate is reached with a small vessel volume. Only an electrical connection is necessary for the integrated steam heating system.”

Srivastava said that Orfu recycling has a long history regarding the treatment of flammable solvents. “With us, traditional made in Germany products are combined with the implementation of up-to-date techniques compatible with the legal requirements of the European Union,” he added. 

Creative Graphics is a trusted source for flexographic printing plates across the country, offering a wide range of plate materials to meet customers’ needs. The company is the largest manufacturer of digital flexographic plates in India. Creative Graphics has worked with the best-in-class packaging companies that serve some of the biggest brands in the food and consumer packaged goods industry.