Creative Graphics adds new equipment to its Chennai facility

Noida-headquartered Creative Graphics has revamped the flexo pre-press production facility of its Chennai branch with new equipment and software. This development comes after the company took over Chennai-based Colour Dot early last year.

08 Jan 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Deepanshu Goel of Creative Graphics said, “Colour Dot was a legendary name in flexo pre-press. Thus, we have the expertise. Now, we have invested in new equipment and software to use that expertise. This will help us serve our clients faster and better.”

The recent investment includes pre-press software editors PackEdge with PowerTrapper; Flexo Tools; Colortone and Plato; workflow software Automation Engine and ripping software FlexRIP.

In hardware, the company has added EskoCyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Spark 4260 with hi-resolution optics and HD Flexo; and DuPont Cyrel 2000 ECLF exposure and light finisher and DuPont Cyrel 2000 PS plate processor.

After taking over Colour Dot, Creative Graphics has invested around Rs 4 crorein equipment.

Goel said with the new investment, the company’s flexo printing plate capacity has doubled. Now, it can produce 1,000 sq/mt flexo plates per month. Right now, the facility is running at 70% of its capacity.

“We are expecting around 20 to 30% of contribution from Chennai plant in the growth of the entire group,” Goel said, adding, “From our all facilities, we can produce 50,000 sq/mt plates per annum.”

Goel said Chennai is a strategic location to cater to Tamil Nadu and the entire south Indian market. “We have started serving giants like ITC,” he added.

CI flexo printing companies in Sivakasi are also on our radar. Goel said Sri City in Andhra Pradesh is also picking up and big players like Parksons Packaging and Khemka Containers have established their plants in the area.

In the Chennai facility, Goel said, the prime focus is sustained quality. “We want the quality to exceed expectations of our clientsinterms of printing and services,” he said, adding, “Since the industry is changing fast, turn around period has become short. Our customers can use our expertise in printing variables like tape, printing inks and others. We offer experience and expertise and the focus on infrastructure, new technology and services are our strengths.”

Goel said the company is looking at 25% growth after the investment. Last year, the company grew at CAGR of 10%. Goel blamed it on the GST regime and demonetisation.

But Goel is bullish about the future. “People are investing in advanced printing presses to produce better results. In this, pre-press plays a major role and that’s our role. The industry, especially flexo pre-press will be consolidated in the coming years. Technology is changing. So you have to keep investing in machines and software. The market is now mature and no one wants to give chance to inexperienced people,” he concluded.