Cosmo First launches metalised capacitor grade BOPP films

Cosmo Films, a global leader in speciality films for packaging, labelling, synthetic paper, and lamination applications recently launched metalised electrical grade BOPP films for capacitor application.

15 Jan 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Kulbhushan Mallik, global business head, Cosmo Films

These films are used for capacitor manufacturing of various types of AC and DC capacitors. These capacitors have diverse applications, ranging from electronics, industrial, power electronics, automobile, electric vehicles, renewable power systems, etc.

These metalised capacitor-grade films will be manufactured under clean room conditions with micro slitting capability and thickness ranging from 2.5 micron to 12 micron. 

Kulbhushan Mallik, global business head, Cosmo Films, said, “We, at Cosmo First, have proudly pioneered industry-first solutions for the past four decades. This strategic move aligns perfectly with Cosmo’s vision of strengthening our global leadership in speciality films through innovative and sustainable solutions.”

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