Converter writes book on the importance of suppliers

For any business, a popular adage has always been that the customer is God. How about looking at it the other way, can we say that the supplier is God? Ravinder Gupta, managing director of PR Packagings has lived this philosophy for the past 30 years, and now he has come up with a book on the idea, titled Your Supplier is Your God.

12 Oct 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The book, Your Supplier is Your God, by Ravinder Gupta, managing director, PR Packagings

In the book, Gupta highlights his belief that suppliers form the backbone of a business and maintaining a strong, effective and effortless supply chain can work wonders. “This involves setting up many systems and processes but the core value behind these must derive from utmost respect to your suppliers,” he says.

His book offers tips and strategies on how to increase bottomline year on year by building a robust purchase mechanism, and also involves a dedicated section on items to take care of while purchasing capital equipment (especially in an industry like printing, packaging, where  frequent obsolescence of technology makes it a capital intensive segment).

The foreword of the book has been given by Sanjay Ghoshal, head of innovation and new product development, Bizongo, where he says, “The book pushes you beyond the edges of conventional wisdom of business transactions and puts you amidst insights which are deep, disruptive and divergent provoking you to rethink on a typical seller-buyer relationship.”

Starting from EPS trading, Gupta set up PR Packagings in 1990, eventually diversifying into the only company in India manufacturing lamitubes, mono cartons, fluted boxes, rigid boxes, labels, paper bags in a single nine-acre facility in Faridabad, Haryana. Today PR Pack is exporting over Rs five-crore worth of goods to USA, Europe, Middle East and African markets and serving major domestic brands with a turnover of Rs 100-crore.

Gupta has travelled to over 30 countries, purchasing over Rs 80-crores worth of machinery — including Heidelberg, KBA, Mitsubishi, Planeta, Bobst, Hong Ming, etc. “Clients run your business — they provide you a livelihood, hence they are kings. But without your suppliers, you cannot even serve your clients — hence they are the true Gods,” Gupta said.

Praising the book Narain Jai Prakash, CEO of Century Pulp & Paper, called it an admirable synopsis that provides a valuable window on the importance of suppliers and customers in active businesses especially to the new and young industries.