ColorJet launches sustainable printing solutions

In an era where environmental consciousness is no longer optional but a mandate, ColorJet has announced the launch of its latest innovation, Polo Earth, a 3.2-m eco-solvent printer, at the recently concluded Media Expo in Mumbai.

24 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Polo Earth, a 3.2-m eco-solvent printer, was launched at Media Expo Mumbai 2024

ColorJet also announced the introduction of polyethylene substrate, a sustainable media solution developed in collaboration with Kromodyne Digital Solutions (KDS). This innovative initiative marks a significant stride towards revolutionising printing practices with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

ColorJet newest offering is designed to lead the shift towards sustainable large-format printing. As businesses globally respond to the growing demand for greener practices, the ColorJet solution not only meets but also exceeds the sustainability standards expected by customers and regulatory bodies alike. 

The Polo Earth offers a balance of high performance and ecological efficiency, making it the go-to solution for indoor and outdoor printing needs. The high-speed industrial-grade eco-solvent printer is built on a heavy-duty structure. The independent drive technology is renowned for its high speed, high-quality output and reliability, as well as low running cost.

In collaboration with KDS, ColorJet has also taken a step towards providing a complete sustainable supply chain network in the country. Beginning with the provision of recyclable polyethylene fabric media across 20 locations in the immediate future, this supply chain will ensure the availability of sustainable media across the length and breadth of the nation for various campaigns released by brands and agencies with sustainability as their top priority.

Aditya Dadu, associate vice-president at ColorJet, said, “This proactive approach aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the out-of-home (OOH) space, positioning ColorJet as a leader in driving positive change and promoting a greener planet.”

Santosh Nair, director at Kromodyne Digital Solutions (KDS), added, “Sustainable solutions will only be successful if we all work together towards the common cause of addressing sustainable challenges. Our initiative with ColorJet is a first step towards providing the right framework and a standard eco-friendly network to every OOH player and brand alike. In the immediate future, we will be providing many other eco-friendly media and supplies solutions, that would be easily available across the geographies of India and we would constantly drive our joint efforts towards the adaptation of sustainable solutions in India.”