Celebrate the best work in the business with PrintWeek Performance Awards

Though the print sector has been going through a difficult phase for the past couple of years, some companies have managed to tide over the pandemic situation in terms of its overall growth. These companies have invested in people and technology even during tough times.

11 Jul 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Jury Day 2019

PrintWeek is celebrating this achievement with the ‘Performance’ Award, which will be judged on the financial performance, strategic growth, and investment in technology and people of the company in the previous fiscal year. As always, your data will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.

Considering the overall situation in the print community, we have introduced some new categories this year for the PrintWeek Performance Awards, and retained some of the legacy categories.

The Packaging Company of the Year award has four categories this time: Folding Cartons (Volume), Folding Cartons (Specialisation), Flexible Packaging, and Rigid Packaging (Metal / PET / Plastic).

Meanwhile, the Green Company of the Year award will have two segments: Large and SME. Additionally, Pre-Press Company of the Year is now Pre-Press and Design Service Provider of the Year, which seeks to recognise a combination of outstanding financial performance and breakthrough pre-press and design service achievements.

Kalpak Shah, senior executive - awards and events at PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? said, “We think the most demanding judge is your customer. Therefore, PrintWeek will use a team of expert print buyers to form the judging panel. On board will also be print experts who will evaluate the print finesse. The panel is then split to allow each judge to concentrate on categories within his or her chosen field of print buying and expertise.”

Noel D’Cunha, managing editor at PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? said, “These are the firms that celebrate the best work in the business with the best people in the business. The shortlisted finalists form the cream of our industry.“