CEIF 2023: Fujifilm showcases range of imaging solutions

Fujifilm India exhibited its range of products at the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair (CEIF) 2023 which opened Jio World Centre, Mumbai on 5 January. The show is on until 7 January.

05 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Fujifilm has a wide range of imaging solutions

CEIF is one of the largest imaging exhibitions across the world with participation and representation from top global brands in the field of imaging and photography. 

Fujifilm has a wide range of imaging solutions, and it has positioned itself as one of the few manufacturers in the world which has created total solutions that can support professionals and businesses with end-to-end solutions. 

Some of the key products and technologies displayed at the exhibition include the Revoria Press PC 1120, the ApeosPro for Photo C810 / C750 / C650 printer, and digital still cameras and instant cameras.

The Revoria Press PC 1120, a six-colour print engine which brings unrivaled expressive power to digital printing was on display. The machine has garnered traction among the photo lab community in the recent past with its ability to transform the production printing market with its functional efficiency, precision and the ability to create overlays and underlays with additional colours. 

The ApeosPro for Photo C810 / C750 / C650 printer, built on a next-generation hybrid platform has been designed to enable businesses to print more with outstanding quality on a wider range of substrates. Also on display was be the ASK-400 dye-sublimation printer, which is a highly durable compact dye-sublimation printer, which has a compact size of 170-mm high and 0.1-m2 footprint and it has a speed of 8.4 seconds.

Koji Wada, managing director, Fujifilm India, said, “Fujifilm has a legacy of over eight decades in the imaging business and we have always been at the forefront of driving innovation and pioneering the latest technologies to fulfill the dynamic needs of consumers. Fujifilm is a total solutions company since it has a strong presence in the entire value-chain of imaging from capture to processing to devices and printing paper. We believe CEIF is among the best avenues for exhibiting our best-in-class products and ideas. It is the trust and belief of all our valuable customers that have contributed to our growth, and we are committed to Never Stop innovating and providing them with the best.”

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