Canon launches six new large-format printers

Canon India has announced the launch of six new large-format printers. Among these, a new seven-colour category was announced as part of the ImagePrograf GP series (GP 526S/546S/566S) tailored for the graphics art market harnessing the new Lucia Pro II pigment ink to deliver impressive print quality for bright, eye-catching posters and photographs.

17 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The ImagePrograf GP series comes with all-new orange and grey inks

Further, strengthening its 12-colour category with its ImagePrograf Pro series lineup, three new printers were unveiled (Pro 526/546/566) with superior print quality for photography and fine art applications, promising print longevity of up to 200 years.

Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO, Canon India, said, “With the professional printing industry in India witnessing remarkable growth owing to technological innovations, our latest launches are in response to the increasing demand for quality output. The newly launched GP series seven-colour large-format printers and the expansion of our Pro series 12-colour printers underscore Canon’s commitment of consistently pioneering technology that caters to evolved industry needs. These advancements aim to empower India's vibrant creative community by providing tools that push the boundaries of digital imaging for professionals in the graphics art, photography, and fine art sectors. By doing so, we endeavour to shape the future landscape of printing in the country which has immense potential.”

C Sukumaran, senior director, products & communication, Canon India, said, “The introduction of the seven-colour Lucia Pro II pigment inks in our new GP series represents a significant leap forward in colour precision and print quality for the graphic arts market. These printers are designed to produce high-quality photographic content with enhanced color depth and fine textures. On the other hand, our Pro series continues to excel in delivering unmatched colour range and longevity, crucial for fine art and professional photography. The innovative design features of both series, like the new translucent covers and interior lighting, reflect our focus on enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.”

With Lucia Pro II 7-colour pigment inks which include orange and grey inks, vibrant prints with smooth gradation can be achieved when it comes to fine texture and high-quality posters for different market segments such as in-house advertising offices and print shops. 

Designed with fast speed, the GP series delivers good quality prints within a shorter time. With high colour reproducibility, the new GP series has achieved 96% coverage in the Pantone Formula Guide solid-coated colour book and supports the printing of product advertisements, including corporate colours. Prints on glossy or semi-glossy paper have excellent scratch resistance, which makes post-production handling such as carrying, displaying and packing easier.

The Lucia Pro II 12-colour pigment inks provide a wide colour gamut which is well-suited for photo print images and fine art prints on different paper media. Deep black density on fine art media can produce more expressive prints and expands on colour reproduction in dark areas so fine details in these areas are more visible. With glossy or semi-glossy paper that retains the photo print quality with deeper blacks, printed deliverables achieve better scratch resistance with outstanding light resistance for long-term preservation with high image quality.

With new translucent exteriors installed for roll paper covers and ink tank covers, users will be able to check on consumables. New interior lighting enables users to view the output while printing. Moreover, paper type with remaining roll paper estimation and ink levels are visible at one glance from the wide printer panel. With the newly developed ink sensing system, ink ejection condition is periodically monitored to optimise ink landing position to maintain high image quality and prevent image degradation due to colour shift.

In addition, the Smart Roll Paper Set function is available, which enables automatic paper feeding as well as automatically detects the paper type and estimates the remaining amount of paper. It completes the roll paper set in a shorter time by speeding up the paper feed process. This reduces the hassle of manual coordination for printer maintenance and operations, making it easy to ensure stable operation.

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