Campaign Asia-Pacific unveils Asia's Top 1000 Brands 2019

Campaign Asia-Pacific in partnership with Nielsen, has released the 16th version of Asia's Top 1000 Brands 2019, an in-depth and definitive annual assessment of consumer brand sentiments in the region. Top 1000 Brands is a survey of consumer opinions across 14 markets in Asia-Pacific, assessing brand preference in 15 product/ service categories.

14 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

It is a fascinating temperature gauge, showing which brands are succeeding with their marketing and brand-building efforts, and which aren't managing to land their names ‘top of mind' as customers' favourites.

Every year, Campaign Asia-Pacific scours the tables for the most interesting trends and insights across categories and markets. As always, the 2019 results are intriguing. While a dedicated website gives plenty of options for exploring and interacting with the data, the Campaign website has a series of stories on the subject.

The stories cover topics such as seemingly unshakeable Samsung retains the top spot for the 8th year running; much-in-the-news Huawei streams up the ranks, just as Xiaomi did last year; Dolce & Gabbana falls 140 places. Could #chopstickgate be to blame? And ride-sharing brands are either way up or way down.

The website also has a quick guide to exploring Asia's top 1000 brands. These includes explore the full top 1000 list; watch as we reveal the top 100 brands in each of 14 markets; analyse a single brand's performance from 2004 to 2019; compare the performance of multiple brands from 2004 to 2019; compare the performance of the top brands in a specific category over the years and watch some of the region's biggest and longest-lasting brand rivalries play out.

The website has also created a 48-page white paper exclusively for Campaign Asia-Pacific members. It contains all of the data only available to members, such as the Top 1000 list itself and the Top 100 lists for each market. This can also be found via the Top 1000 Brands area of the website

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