Cajo introduces sustainable product marking technology

Finland-headquartered, and based in Bengaluru, Cajo Technologies has introduced an intelligent and patented laser-marking technology that enables fast marking without any additives. According to the company, the Cajo MakeBright is a revolutionary new way to produce precise and permanent product markings on cardboard.

10 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The Cajo MakeBright has been designed to replace the need for ink or labels for marking tertiary packaging

Pawan Kumar of Cajo Technologies said the technology helps manufacturers significantly improve production processes and lower operational costs.

“The Cajo MakeBright gives manufacturers the winning edge they have been waiting for in a highly competitive market. These comprehensive laser marking systems and intelligent software are available for virtually any product marking purpose. Together with Cajo’s powerful control board, the laser marking system gives manufacturers complete control of the marking process,” he said.

The Cajo MakeBright has been designed to replace the need for ink or labels for marking tertiary packaging. As proven by a study in 2020, replacing an inkjet marking method with a Cajo laser provides manufacturers with a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint of industrial labelling.

The Cajo MakeBright lightens the surface for text and logos and then darken modules or bars in 1d and 2d codes to ensure maximum readability, able to achieve A-grade results against ISO 29158 (AIM-DPM). The patent-pending technology is the most sustainable marking solution in the world offered to the packaging industry manufacturers and exclusive to Cajo.

Kumar said, Cajo’s patented technology and intelligent laser marking systems are designed to improve all possible production processes, replacing outdated and wasteful marking methods globally with cost-efficient automated solutions.

“The company’s success has been built on recognising diverse customer challenges and developing superior solutions to overcome these obstacles. As proof the formula is working, Cajo’s high-quality and environmentally friendly laser marking systems are already sold to and running in more than 60 countries worldwide. Among Cajo’s customers are many international market leaders in their industry with more manufacturers choosing laser every day.”

He added, “Cajo’s solutions are available for all industrial marking purposes, covering the needs for traceability, identification, and product markings, with an extremely short payback time. In addition, laser-marking is the most cost-effective and sustainable way to mark virtually any material. Cajo lasers replace outdated and wasteful marking methods, helping manufacturers around the world improve their production processes and save not only costs but the environment as well.”

Removing consumables, such as ink, ribbon, and labels, from the production process, enables manufacturers to reduce operating costs but also frees up cash tied up in stocking these extra items. Laser is a reliable alternative with only a few moving parts. This means lasers do not require a significant stock of spares. This further increases the savings and convenience manufacturers gain by choosing a laser.

Laser is generally recognised as the most reliable coding and marking technology, which means fewer breakdowns and less maintenance, both planned and unplanned, required. There are very few parts susceptible to wear and tear in a laser with no pumps or gears or pulleys needed. A reliable laser gives manufacturers the opportunity to significantly improve line performance and OEE. Orders can be completed smoothly in line with schedules improving delivery performance.

Kumar said Cajo lasers achieve high-quality marking results time and time again. “The quality of laser-marked codes remains consistently the same, enabling vision applications to work best with laser-marked products. As a result, the number of rejects for unreadable codes will be significantly reduced. Reducing waste not only helps with costs and efficiency but also boosts sustainability — fewer scrapped products mean fewer resources wasted,” he added.

Cajo offers several types of laser marking solutions that can be integrated smoothly into high-speed production lines or used as stand-alone workstations for manually loaded parts. Superior Cajo lasers ensure fast marking on the fly with precise and permanent markings made possible even for challenging materials.