Bridging knowledge gap is the key to better kraft: JP Narain of Genus Papers

Laghu Udhyog Bharti, an all-India organisation in service of small-scale industries recently organised a closed-door event for corrugators. JP Narain of Genus Papers was invited as the special guest for the event, which took place at Shri Vishwakarma Bhawan in New Delhi and was attended by more than 20 corrugators in person and many others online.

08 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

JP Narain of Genus Papers with the attendees at the event

Surender Kumar Jain from Paper Packaging Aayam of Laghu Udhyog Bharti said, “Kraft is the maximum cost component for a corrugator and its uncontrolled behaviour and concerns with kraft mills always is an issue in the industry. So, we have invited JP Narain from Genus Papers to discuss the topics.”

JP Narain said there are multiple ways to handle the situation and these ways include the reduction of kraft by reducing plies. “For example, by educating your buyer and increasing bursting strength, seven-ply packaging demands can be fulfilled by five-ply and five-ply by three-ply. Thus, a corrugator can save on kraft, buyer can save on space, cost and transportation costs. Ultimately saving on volume. Unfortunately, no one wants to work on that. The pricing of kraft is too big a cycle and tough to break. Our users must be aware of the basics like BF & BS,” he said.

He added that the packaging and its delivery must be good and reliable. Knowledge is missing in the entire production chain. No improvement in the name of raw material and ultimately boxes became soggy. “Your buyer is in the loss and ultimately you too,” he said.

According to Narain, southern paper mills are producing better quality kraft than northern mills because they use imported material, which has a better quality of fibre. Imported pulp gives more strength. 

He said while price fluctuation is a big problem in kraft paper, it can be controlled if the corrugator is big. “Quantity always matters. A big corrugator always gets extra benefits. Being a big corrugator, you always deal with multiple mills, but I suggest you engage with a single mill. In the case of small corrugators, they can come together and establish a group. The price problem needs a big platform. It’s not possible for an individual,” he said, adding, “Small corrugators can ask for his demand through dealers too. Being a small and mid-size corrugator, it is very tough to meet the standards. But the possibility is there. The knowledge gap is the key.”

Narain reiterated that if we could fill the knowledge gap, then it would remove 70% of the problems. His suggestion to corrugators? “Please ask for specifics at all times,” he said, adding, “If you demand good quality, then you have to pay more and convince your customers.”