Books for All movement spreads to Sivakasi

The history of books teaches us that periods of prosperity and rising living standards were a direct result of democratic gains in politics and civil society and more books being consumed. Which is why Team Welbound and Team Henkel's aim through Book Days - Books for All to re-kindle the joy of the printed books and drum support in its mission to provide "faster, better, cheaper" books for publishers and readers has picked up across the country. Now Books for All will travel to the print city of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu.

12 Apr 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

The Books for All campaign will part of the second edition of Sivakasi Printex 2019 exhibition on printing and allied types of machinery and consumables which is scheduled from 12 to 14 April in the print hub.

The idea, as P Sajith of Impel-Welbound said, is simple. Gift a book to a child you know - and a child you don't know. He stated, "And so 1.4 billion Indians can gift a book.

Imagine what will happen if 1.4 billion Indians gift a book (not one, but many) to each other."

The next 20 years will see over 500 million young parents in India, and it is possible they will impart no reading message downwards if they have not been reading themselves. The ramifications are visible in the workforce one sees in retail malls and call centres. There is an army of disjointed and inarticulate, and possibly dysfunctional youth being unleashed on the job market. They are ill-equipped to take forward the boom that has been promised.

With a population of 1.4 billion (over half below age 25 and nearly two-thirds below 35), a working-age population of about 850-900 million and a labour force of about half that number, one might expect that it is simply a matter of time before India becomes an economic superpower. But the reality is different.

For starts, printers and publishers and print buyers can make a difference. Start a reading day campaign, a minimum of four days a week. This can percolate to the customers, colleagues and indeed children and grandchildren.

Know your books

Books which were once written off as out of date, are seeing a steady rise in terms of sales and consumption. The Nielsen BookScan states that the market for printed books has grown. Bookstores (offline and online) are booming, plus a number of new book titles and book authors are gaining in prominence.

The transformation of book printing among the book factories of Sivakasi thanks to an efficient TAT process, thanks to publishers who seek savings along the distribution chain, and timely investment in digital print technology has enabled the best books at the most economical costs.

The Henkel-Welbound Book Days in Sivakasi will be a specialised gathering of book publishers and printers, who will explore the best new ideas for innovation and growth. The aim is to tap into the renewed optimism in the book sector with publishers, printers and designers and above all young children who will be presented copies of the books.

The next phase that is starting to kick in now brings greater automation between publisher and book printer, both in taking orders from sales data and shipping direct to consumer or to a shop. The next 12 months see a boost to the books sector. Printed books were born in Mainz. Half a millennium on, the printed book continues to be the standard bearer for the printing industry.