Bobst hosts metallisation and film coatings seminar

Bobst, along with its technology partners Kennametal Sintec, UPM Specialty Paper, and Michelman, organised a seminar on the latest process innovations in metallisation and film coatings on 27 October 2023 at The Lalit in New Delhi. The event successfully brought together approximately 130 attendees from the brand owners, and film and packaging converting industry, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking among industry professionals.

20 Nov 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

The seminar offered invaluable insights into the latest developments in the packaging converting industry

Chris Cheetham, representing Bobst, initiated the seminar by offering an extensive overview of Bobst’s flexible packaging solutions, which included rotogravure presses, CI flexo presses, vacuum metallisers, coating and laminators, and labels. He announced the assembly of the K5 Vision HS machine in India, emphasising the importance of sustainability and the circular economy as major market trends.

Cheetham said the Vision K5 HS is the ideal machine for converter metallisation, available in a width range from 1350- to 2600-mm. He discussed the transition from inline and semi-staggered sources to fully staggered sources, along with innovative wire feed techniques that result in reduced aluminium usage, improved boat life, and enhanced web cooling, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership.

At the event, the company also introduced the OneBarrier family, consisting of OneBarrier PrimeCycle (mono-material polyolefin) and OneBarrier FiberCycle (paper/fibre-based) solutions, which align with sustainability objectives.

Talking about the importance of a strong local service team, Sameer Joshi of Bobst stressed the significance of a robust local service team in India, highlighting the optimisation of spare parts, communication, and efficient service. He introduced Bobst Connect, a digital solution designed to enhance productivity, quality, and packaging optimisation.

Saba Haque from UPM introduced UPM Solide Lucent, a versatile specialty kraft paper tailored for high-barrier solutions. She emphasised the importance of co-creation in developing sustainable packaging solutions, addressing moisture management with fibre-based materials.

Nick Copeland of Bobst discussed AluBond and AlOx GEN II, focusing on AluBond's advanced features, including enhanced metal adhesion, improved barrier performance, and corrosion resistance, especially in polyolefin substrates. AlOx GEN II addresses and satisfies the current market trends for higher-performance AlOx production on polyolefin-based mono-web substrates.

Ricky Tejwani of Kennametal introduced new boat technology, emphasising its relevance in the coating and metallisation processes, enhancing efficiency and quality in these processes.

Gianni Zanatta of Bobst discussed Bobst’s extensive research and expertise in the coating industry. He highlighted the significance of the competence centre and its role in transitioning from conceptualisation to prototypes and, ultimately, industrial-scale validation.

Deepak Agarwal of Michelman introduced Michelman’s applications and solutions across various industries, emphasising the industry’s shift towards a circular economy. 

The seminar offered invaluable insights into the latest developments in the packaging converting industry. The event underscored the industry's unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge technologies and solutions available to address the ever-evolving demands of the packaging industry. 

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