BMPA opens up STB session on 5 April

Mumbai's premier print association, the Bombay Master Printer's Association is re-booting it prized Share to Benefit Forum (StB). The idea as Mehul Desai, president of BMPA said is, "A new broad-share mandate". On 5 April afternoon, the BMPA will host two highly focussed presentations for a select group.

31 Mar 2017 | By Krishna Naidu

Puneet Datta, director, professional printing products, Canon India will discuss the classical conundrum: Digital and Offset, will they coexist - and when to invest in digital print?

The meta-theme of Datta's 90 minute knowledge sharing is: "It took more than 100 years for number of print users to reach 50 million users (from the 1450s when the printing press was invented); and Facebook added 100 million users in less than nine months. Datta said while speaking to PrintWeek India that "Our relationship with content is changing dramatically and the printing industry must adapt."

Datta makes five tough points in his talk. These are: Commercially produced print is only a choice amongst few others. In earlier times medium like radio or TV were more expensive and difficult to implement.

There are so many choices that print is lost within them; print is amongst the most expensive and difficult choices; printers don’t know the “value of print” as they do not know the reason why it was selected instead of other media alternatives; and finally ROI is more measurable on internet than print (CTR, Unique visits).

After offering the delegates a bitter pill, Datta will focus on opportunities

- In the future, outside forces will impose a significant change

- Explosion in data and predictive analytics will lead to mass personalisation

- Move towards consumer experience is "the" critical driver

- Consolidation will take shape

After Datta's session in which there will be a fair bit of data crunching plus showcasing of print samples, Darshan Shah the senior manager, product excellence, Tally ERP will talk about "the hot topic on the seminar circuit": GST Basics: What is GST? Why GST? and VAT vs GST?

Shah will underscore GST concepts: registration, invoice matching and input credit; business implications: input credit in expenses and illustrations; What should we do today: Business practices and technology.

Mehul Desai said, "Entry for this session of STB is complimentary. But there are limited seats which are available on a first-come basis."

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