Bizongo introduces Artwork Flow an AI-based proofing tool

Bizongo has brought a change to the smart proofing packaging industry with its latest AI-based tool named Artwork Flow. This tool will be used as label proofing in compliance to FSSAI standards.

10 Jun 2022 | By Janhavi Sisodia

Bizongo's Artwork Flow is a software-as-a-service platform for label proofing and artwork management. As per a company press release, "It's a cloud-based tool for reviewing and approving creative packaging concepts in order to speed up product launches. Food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, chemicals, consumer products, and other industries all benefit from Artwork Flow."
Packaging paintings consist of features like, logo, barcode, tabular and textual records, and more. This device extracts and validates ingredients, dietary facts, barcode, net quantity, logos, and font sizes from the textual records to your artwork. 

A Bizongo spokesperson said, "It straight away highlights any mismatches to your label in line with logo guidelines. This new scanning application automates the workflow and will help the user to import artworks of your packaging accompanied by templatising and executing the same which will further ease your work during making a final checklist and with approval flows. This helps in collaborating with internal and external people at the same time for faster and accurate proofing." And so, proofreading can be done easily with small errors like colour pantones and font style which are usually being missed via the human eye. Most importantly it helps one manage all assets in one library which further helps anyone for seamless flow of check. 

According to Bizongo, the Artwork can help teams across the organisation with brand and marketing till procurement of the product to end consumers on various levels in many ways. "This application is 99.99% backend viable. Its labelling errors make it more useful as it has helped reduce in 95% of the wastage. This application has reinvented the wheel of scanning and proofing in a new form. The transparency of the work done by this app has saved more than 1000+ man hours with 95% of elimination of errors and speed up the process up to 75%."

Bizongo is India's largest technology-driven marketplace for B2B items that are made-to-order. The company's business concept is a platform that handles vendor financing and supply chain for B2B industries such as packaging, textiles, and raw materials. Bizongo delivers digital solutions to brands such as Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Tata Cliq, and Mondelez, and serves 600+ enterprise customers across a wide spectrum of industries.

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