Battle of the Brands: Nestlé vs Ferrero

Your weekly consumer insights round-up - find out what’s buzzing for chocolate brands Nestlé and Ferrero.

13 Nov 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Sweets are a household staple, especially in this year-end season with its range of festivities - from Halloween to Diwali, to Christmas and the New Year’s. And so, with the return of the Battle of the Brands series, we’re kicking it off with a much-loved snack - chocolates. Dig into our analysis on the social media and digital media performance of Nestlé and Ferrero’s chocolate products - comparing KitKat, Bar One, Nestlé Munch, Milkybar to Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder Joy, and the more recently launched Kinder Creamy.  

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The Battle of the Brands series utilises Talkwalker’s AI-powered Blue Silk technology to analyse millions of images, videos, audio, conversations, and tags from across social media, blogs, news channels, etc. - providing a bird’s eye view of mentions, engagement, and sentiment surrounding some of the biggest brands in India today.  

Media mentions and engagement  

Ferrero (pink) and Nestlé (purple) media mentions and engagement results from the period 9 October to 7 November 2021, displayed on Talkwalker’s Quick Search app

On mentions over the past month, Nestlé’s chocolate brands see a 50% advantage over Ferrero’s chocolate brands. Mentions peaked for Nestlé around the release of the company’s Q3 earnings result - which reported a 5 percent growth in net profit, and sales via its e-commerce channels accelerated on the back of pandemic-driven consumer behaviour. 

In spite of a lower number of mentions, the Ferrero brand saw twice the amount of engagements over the past month compared to Nestlé, reflecting strong organic interest and engagement from chocolate fans. 

Source: Campaign India