Battle of the Brands: Haldiram's vs Doritos

A weekly round up of the action in the social media space. We are right in the middle of the festive season and we all know what that means! Amazing snacks to munch on, lots of mithai and a whole lot of 'pet puja'.

23 Nov 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Even though gathering with the family or the card parties are not on the cards (pun intended!) this year – thank you, Covid - celebrating in our own small ways is definitely going to be the norm and who can do that without some amazing snacks. But the question remains – what kind of snacks are we going to go for? The traditional snacks or more international ones.

Let’s find out by having a look at Haldiram’s and Doritos.  

Talkwalker, a social media analytics company based in Luxembourg, provides information on the using their platform. Talkwalker Analytics analyses the performance of mentions all over the internet and provides key metrics such as engagement, related themes, demographic data, geographic data and influencer data.   

Mentions We took a look at mentions over the last six months to have a proper idea of who is leading the race here and it appears that it’s Haldiram’s by far! Who can resist the little deep fried samosas or packets of spicy mixture that not only get our taste buds singing but also brings back memories of our childhoods.

The peak for Haldiram's corresponds to their revenue declaration of $1 billion in the year 2019. This is truly an achievement for the group whose roots lie in a little shop in Rajasthan. Doritos too made headlines when they were able to offer free data plans on purchase of Doritos in collaboration with Airtel.

It’s interesting to compare the demographic profiles of both of these snacks. We see that a far larger percentage of women are talking about Doritos as compared to Haldiram’s (well done, Doritos!).We also see that Dorito’s is far more popular with the younger lot as compared to Haldiram’s. This doesn’t come as a surprise – mostly because Dorito’s only recently made an entry into the Indian market compared to Haldiram’s.

So what’s the buzz all about? Taking a closer look, we can see that the buzz is about a myriad of things. For Haldiram’s, it’s about the products on offer and this is quite clear. We can clearly see several products like soan, kaju, papdi, laddu and so on. For Doritos, it’s about sales, growth, snacks, Lays etc.

It’s not enough to know who’s doing the talking and what the buzz is about, what’s important is to know where it’s taking place as well. We see that Haldiram’s has roughly 2x the number of unique authors (which corresponds to the mentions in fact!) and that most of the conversation is taking place on Twitter for both brands along with blogs and online news!

(Source: Campaign India)