Avery Dennison launches AD InsightX, a think-tank to challenge status quo

Avery Dennison, a prominent provider of materials science and digital identification solutions, has launched AD InsightX. This initiative gathered a cohort to collaborate and brainstorm to build an ecosystem connecting brands and consumers on 9 May 2024 at Avery Dennison's Innovation and Knowledge Centre (ADIKC) in Ranjangaon.

13 May 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha & Aditya Ghosalkar

Brands, industry experts, and partners unite with Team Avery Dennison at Pune

Twenty-five experts from various print and packaging industries and a few media professionals participated in the first  AD InsightX, which focused on innovation and creativity.

The Ranjangaon facility is located on the outskirts of Pune. Initially, there was scepticism about AD InsightX's objectives. However, Priyanka Singla, director of business development for South Asia, clarified the programme's purpose. "The aim is to create a platform for experts to present challenges and for Avery Dennison to work towards solving them," Singla said.

There are three things to consider. Firstly, it is important to keep up with the ever-changing brand and consumer preferences, mainly influenced by millennials and Gen Zs. Secondly, there is a growing demand for introducing innovative and functional packaging formats. And lastly, there is a need to address the challenges and unmet needs of the fast-growing premium packaging, security, and anti-counterfeit solutions market.

Saurabh Agarwal, South Asia's vice president and general manager, recently explained why the  AD InsightX platform is necessary. The initiative aims to enable brands and customers to achieve sustainability goals while unlocking their imagination. AD InsightX is designed to collaborate and ideate jointly for customers, brands, ecosystem enablers, industry experts, partners, and thought leaders. The goal is to solve challenges in the market, keeping in view, factors such as digitalisation, sustainability, functionality, and premiumisation shaping the print and packaging industry.

He added, "AD InsightX is not just an Avery Dennison's achievement but it is a thriving opportunity for the industry and partners involved to partner and co-create. Together, we look forward to setting new benchmarks for the industry and contributing to innovative and sustainable advancements."

The facility is equipped with advanced technical and digital capabilities, including neuromarketing, that enable a shift from reactive to proactive strategies. This allows for the rapid creation of minimum viable products and swift progression from problem identification to solution generation. Walking into the zen-like spaces in ADIKC you can see, touch, and experience several 'live' and 'ideated' concepts across aesthetically curated zones.

Avery Dennison's team of trained experts can lead curated workshops or collaborative sessions. "The goal is to connect the physical and digital worlds. Through collective effort, Avery Dennison aims to transform industries and add value across the value chain," said Agarwal.

For 27 years, Avery Dennison has been a leader in the print and packaging industry. Its facilities are located in Pune, Greater Noida, Kolkata, and Bengaluru. The Pune facility is home to its R&D and Innovation lab, converting college and knowledge centre, I-Lab, and graphics lab.