Arty Offset focuses on short-run jobs with Ricoh

Latur, Maharashtra-based Arty Offset has invested in a Ricoh Pro C8300S to offer short-run printing services. The machine was supplied by Minosha India.

30 Sep 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

With POD services, Arty Offset is expecting faster ROI on the Ricoh kit

Kishore Gorakhe, proprietor, Arty Offset, said, “We found the machine suitable for its print resolution of 2,400x4,800-dpi and paper size of 13x19-inches, auto density controller and highly accurate registration. The Ricoh ProC8300S has the same print quality as an offset machine.” 

He added that Minosha has experienced service engineers who gave the company detailed knowledge about the product after the installation. “We are always adding new technologies in our business. We have a good relationship with Minosha. The company understood our requirements and suggested the product that suits our requirements,” he said.

With the Ricoh Pro C8300S with vacuum feed LCIT and shift sort tray, Arty Offset plans to print POD jobs, short-run mono printing jobs, VDP, and coated 350-gsm pre-printed jobs.

Started in 1991 as a screen printing business, Arty Offset now has three branches – in Latur MIDC, Latur city and Nanded MIDC. The company’s shopfloor includes four four-colour machines, including a brand-new Komori Enthrone, plus the complete pre-, post-press setup.

Today, the company caters to publication, commercial printing, and packaging, among other ventures.

Kishore Gorakhe manages the business with his brother Kirtikumar. Gorakhe handles production, marketing and purchase and Kirtikumar handles pre- and post-press units.

Gorakhe said the company is happy with the product efficiency and quality of the Ricoh machine. “Our customers for short-run jobs are satisfied with our quality and services,” he added.

The company is now planning to purchase another Ricoh mono machine next year. “We are expecting fast ROI as we are offering POD services. The timely deployment of the machine by Minosha has helped us meet the high print volume requirement we had. It also helped us in expanding our business and print volumes through POD jobs,” Gorakhe said.

The company entered the POD segment in 2015. “Our next focus will be short-run colour printing for jobbers. We were using the digital production colour printing machine for proofing purposes, but now we are trying to focus on the jobber market. We believe in giving the finished products to our customers rather than selling prints,” Gorakhe concluded.