Art-O-Print boosts efficiency with Indus Print ERP

Ahmedabad-based printing and packaging company Art-O-Print has opted for Indus Analytics’ ERP application to streamline and modernise their business processes.

06 Dec 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Bhiren Amin of Art-O-Print

With 10,000-sqft of printing facility and 9,500-sqft of packaging unit, the company handles large volumes of manufacturing and printing jobs of products such as cartons, corrugated boxes, labels and product literature for pharma companies.

However, growing business volume created challenge of prioritising and planning jobs and sharing the progress of the job with the customer. Art-O-Print also found it difficult to handle their audit process.

Speaking about the newly-installed ERP software, Jaimin Bhai, CEO of Art-O-Print, said, “I appreciate the effort put in by the Indus Analytics team during the installation of Indus Print ERP, which made it possible to achieve the solution to our problems.”

Parmeshwar Patidar, founder and managing director of Indus Analytics, said, “At first, the company was sceptical whether the Indus Print ERP would be able to tackle their challenges. But, we helped them fulfil their specific requirements.”

Patidar said the major challenge Art-O-Print faced was they were unable to track the status of the ongoing jobs and manage audit process for their clients. As the business volume was high, their team was reluctant to adopt any software because it requires them to type in each and every order manually, which will be time-consuming.

“With the help of Indus Print ERP, Art-O-Print has been able to plan and optimise their operations. The application could easily manage product master, sales order booking, job card, production, inventory, and dispatch. Their sales team is happy because they can do bulk sales order booking,” he said.