Archroma, Pointcarre to bring more colour to digital workflow

Archroma Textile Effects, a global leader in speciality chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is bringing its entire portfolio of 5,760 colours to enrich the Pointcarre digital textile design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system.

23 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

A market leader in Mac and PC textile design software for three decades, Pointcarre Textile Software enables fashion, home furnishing and technical textiles designers to create accurate digital samples, streamline the fabric weaving, knitting and printing processes, and produce realistic presentations of their collections.

Incorporating the Archroma colour portfolio into this workflow will empower designers to bring their ideas to life with greater speed and accuracy. They will not only have access to a huge searchable library of Archroma colours to enrich the design process, but they will also be better able to produce the exact colour they need at the factory.

Crucially, all of the Archroma colour references can be formulated with dyes that meet leading international eco-standards and the brand customer’s desired sustainability profile.

“End-to-end agility is a massive competitive advantage in today’s textile value chain,” Chris Hipps, global head of Archroma color management, Archroma Textile Effects, said. “The Archroma Color Atlas was created to empower designers with colour inspiration that can be seamlessly implemented in production for reproducible results. Bringing this library into the Pointcarre system will improve designers’ agility and advance sustainability simultaneously.”

Steve Greenberg, president, Pointcarre Textile Software, said, “At Pointcarre, we continuously develop our digital tools to take advantage of new technologies in design and production. Collaborating with Archroma to make color inspiration richer and more intuitive, we are helping our customers further simplify and enhance their work while lowering costs and shortening turnaround times,” 

To support customers to optimise the potential of the new colour library, Pointcarre is offering new interactive eLearning modules on its Academy training platform, as well as assistance in several languages.

Pointcarre systems are trusted by some of the world’s most iconic brands, from Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Centric Brands to Decathlon, Tommy Hilfiger, Sage Mills and Eddie Bauer.