Archroma announces certification of compostability

Archroma has announced the certification of a colour range of dyes for compostable paper. Colourants from the company’s Carta, Cartasol F and Cartafix ranges have been selected to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendlier colouration in the paper industry.

02 Aug 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

Archroma has introduced a range of compostable dyes and fixatives for paper applications

As the paper industry strives to adopt more sustainable practices and minimise its environmental impact, compostable materials have gained considerable attention. Compostability plays a crucial role in the circular economy, enabling waste reduction and the generation of valuable organic matter.

To ensure the safe and efficient composting of paper products, stringent evaluation criteria have been established, encompassing heavy metals and fluorine content, biodegradation, ecotoxicity and plant growth test assessments. Recognising the importance of meeting these criteria, Archroma has introduced a range of compostable dyes and fixatives for paper applications that fully satisfy these standards set forth.

Archroma's compostable dyes and fixatives for coloured paper not only provide exceptional colour performance but also meet the most rigorous compostability standards. When applied to compostable materials in a specified concentration of dry weight, the dyes fulfil the evaluation criteria for heavy metals and fluorine, biodegradation, ecotoxicity and plant growth test, as outlined in EN 13432 (2000), NF-T51-800 (2015), ASTM D6400 (2012, 2021), and ISO 17088 (2012).

The dyes deliver vibrant, eye-catching colours that meet the demands of the most discerning brands and consumers, ensuring that sustainable papers and products are visually appealing. A complete shade gamut is achievable including deep shades using liquid and powder dyes with fixatives ensuring clear backwater and excellent bleed-fastness.

Archroma’s dyes are in accordance with globally recognised compostability standards, enabling their adherence to strict requirements regarding heavy metal and fluorine content, biodegradation, and ecotoxicity. The product range is compostability compliant and adheres to food contact regulations specified in BfRXXXVI, ensuring its suitability for food contact paper applications.

By utilising Archroma's range of compostable dyes, manufacturers can significantly enhance the sustainability profile of their products, contributing to a circular economy and reducing the environmental footprint.

These dyes are carefully formulated to offer excellent colour-fastness, durability, and stability, ensuring that the colours remain vibrant and consistent throughout the product's lifecycle. The fixatives ensure excellent bleed-fastness and clear backwater.

To enable customers to unlock the full performance and sustainable potential of its range of compostable coloured paper, Archroma has developed a dedicated system that supports industrial compostability for all types of paper, tissues, and packaging applications.

“At Archroma, we are committed to driving sustainable innovation across industries, and the certification of our compostable dyes represents a significant leap forward in the pursuit of eco-friendly colouration solutions,” said Gilles Le Moigne, packaging and coating marketing manager at Archroma. “By providing paper manufacturers with a range of dyes that meet the strict compostability standards, we empower them to create beautiful, more sustainable products that resonate with today's environmentally conscious consumers.”

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