Ankit Graphics takes Esko’s software route to flexo platemaking efficiency

Ahmedabad-based flexo pre-press specialist Ankit Graphics has added to its specialist flexo pre-press service with investment in Esko’s Automation Engine and ArtPro+ that will now boost its operator’s efficiency and reduces error.

19 Mar 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

Darji (sitting) with father Bakul who established Ankit Graphics

Established in 1997 as a block making unit, Ankit Graphics today supplies digital flexo plates to clients operating in the wide web CI flexo, narrow web label, letterpress, corrugate, and paper cup spaces. The pre-press bureau initially started with Degraf 302 and 305DW in 2011 plate production system and continue to invest with the installation of Screen FX1524 CTP in 2014, Combi Nylo in 2016, DuPont Cyrel 2000E CLF and Cyrel 3000D in 2018 and Kodak 4260 Flexcel NX system in 2019.

“To meet the growing demand, we kept on investing in platemaking machines, but continued to explore ways to enhance our overall efficiency,” said Ankit Darji, director at Ankit Graphics. “We looked for other solutions available in the market, which were more cloud-based and relied on the internet. With Esko’s Automation Engine and ArtPro+ there was no such constraint.”

Producing products using flexo technology can be complex, particularly with things like opaque inks, spot varnish, drip-UV, or multiple versions where pre-flighting, approval, trapping and imposition comes into play.

Darji said, “With Automation Engine, we can get rid of doing static tasks that are common for each job like, step-n-repeat, placing bearer bars, distortion, or trapping. All we need to do is give inputs and launch the software using the respective file. With Artpro+, we can create one-up and do advance level corrections in artworks to the minutest details. Also, it helps us compare files with customer files where we can easily identity modifications done with print preview.”

With this investment, Darji has claimed that he is clearly seeing a savings of 10mins per technician per artwork, and the quality of pre-press has been improved with consistent accuracy. “With the integration of Esko in our workforce, my technicians now have more time available to do more jobs at ease. Also, the presentation of artworks for approval is more appealing now with customers enjoying the way they can check the files before giving us approvals.”