Amar Fax invests in two Konica Minolta kit

Hazratganj, Lucknow-based Amar Fax has recently invested in two Konica Minolta AccurioPress 12000 machines.

05 Jan 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Surjit Singh and Harpal Singh of Amar Fax

The company’s transition to Konica Minolta began with the installations of Konica Minolta 1100 and 1060. It gradually upgraded to more advanced models.

Amar Fax Services was established in 1989 by partners Surjit Singh and Harpal Singh. Overcoming initial challenges, the company transitioned to advanced technology, and then gradually, the company evolved, incorporating cutting-edge solutions. 

After using Xerox analogue machines initially, the company switched to Konica Minolta, employing models like Konica Minolta1100, 1060, 6100, MGI, and recently, two Konica 12000 units. 

According to Surjit Singh and Harpal Singh, these machines provide exceptional speed, quality, and media flexibility, catering to retail, government, private sectors, and event companies.

“MGI machines offer advanced finishing options such as embossing, foil stamping, and spot UV, creating unique and visually appealing printed materials. These machines also provide efficient resource utilisation, minimise wastage and reduce production costs, allowing us to offer competitive pricing,” they said.

They said the transition to Konica Minolta significantly improved service quality, print volumes, and customer satisfaction. The company's decision to upgrade to Konica 12000 was driven by the need for speed, superior quality, and media flexibility, all of which have been achieved.

Amar Fax Services provides comprehensive printing services to retail, government, private sectors, and event companies. It manages various printing needs, offering high-quality prints and flexibility in handling different media types.

Meanwhile, the company is in the process of opening a third unit soon, indicating its continuous growth. The choice remains Konica Minolta due to its reliability, speed, and ability to manage diverse customer demands.

Following the new installations, the company’s production capacity has significantly increased, enabling it to handle substantial volumes while maintaining high-quality standards.