Ajay Aggarwal: “I am very bullish about digital print”

Ajay Aggarwal, CEO and MD of Insight Print Communication, talked about Fujifilm’s Revoria press and Insight’s plans for 2024 during the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair (CEIF), held at Jio World Convention Centre, from 11 to 13 January.

17 Jan 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

“With a Revoria digital press, 5,000 books can be converted in a day in a 2,000-sq ft area”

Ajay Aggarwal provided a demo of Fujifilm India’s Revoria Press PC1120 at its stall at CEIF 2024, Mumbai. The six-colour print engine offers a high-output resolution at 2,400 x 2,400 dpi plus a top speed of 120 ppmThe price of the Fujifilm inkjet printers is less than Rs 1.5-crores, and the average is Rs 1.25-crores.

Aggarwal shared insights about the Revoria B2 toner. He said, “The Revoria press can print double-sided on paper up to 750 x 662-mm. This means it can print six A4 pages per sheet, and can also handle a variety of paper weights from 64 to 450-gsm and print on a range of substrates, including synthetic papers, polycarbonate,silver met-PET and more.” What caught this correspodnent’s eye was how Fujifilm has shortened a typical production line by consolidating the feeder, stacker, and control panel on one side for the press operator.

The press is a 10-colour machine with white + CMYK + varnish. Aggarwal said, “The application areas on digital have grown exponentially with the addition of the Revoria production engines.” 

Aggarwal said Insight Print Communications has grown with a CAGR of 40% last year, this year with a 20%, and the next year with 25%.