Agarwal Enterprises launches packaging eCommerce studio, Rewynd

Every startup and new business needs a great brand identity and packaging to sell its products. Still, they always need help finding the right packaging supply partner within the budget and getting the printed orders within record time.

13 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Tushar Agarwal of Rewynd

To help with this, Mumbai-based startup Rewynd, led by Tushar Agarwal, has launched a solution of low MOQ customised packaging solution studio.

Rewynd, an online packaging studio, offers a wide range of labels, stickers, corrugated boxes, mono cartons, rigid boxes, and many more products that work as essential for startups.

“Our USP is to provide packaging to startup professionals and brands suffering to get the right quality, quantity, and timely delivery of their orders by just placing the order on the Rewynd website,” Tushar Agarwal of Rewynd said. “We have generated a good number of orders in the last three months and proliferating by acquiring more and more leads and onboarding new and different businesses every new day.”

Agarwal also said the company plans to invest heavily in infrastructure, digital printing, embellishment equipment, customer service, and management. It will also launch a fleet of newly designed products in the coming months.

In this journey, Rewynd is being consulted and mentored by New Delhi-based specialised software and marketing consultancy service enabler, Dezmark Automation.

Rajni Bobel of Dezmark Automation said, “Printing volume shares have gone digital in the last decade through the effort of the brands like HP Indigo, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Canon. This is the time for printing and packaging companies to become digital order generator companies rather than conventional ordering companies as soon as possible to tap this growth.”

Rewynd has invested around Rs 50 lakh toward eCommerce portal and digital marketing and is looking to make it five times in the next two years.

“We have been transformed by technology. It’s time to transform the packaging while making it accessible for all levels of businesses. Rewynd will be playing the role of pivot for the startups and small businesses to procure the packaging needs at affordable rate and timely manner,” Agarwal said.

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