Adinath ups efficiency with Kodak CTP system

Mulund, Mumbai-based commercial printer Adinath Print Service has installed a Kodak Achieve 400 at its facility to minimise human errors and reduce the waiting period during production.

18 Nov 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Doshi (r): has faced zero rejections after CTP installation

Sanjay Doshi, managing director at Adinath Print Service said, “We were outsourcing plates and experienced too much human error. The machine wait period was also much higher since the plates were not delivered on time and this is when we decided to have an in-house CTP machine.” Adinath Print Service was established in 2006. It specialises in commercial printing and its key customers comprises overseas clients along with few corporates and it also caters to small and mid-size enterprises. The company mainly produces promotional brochures for construction companies, builders, pharma companies; dangler, wobbler, stickers, and POP materials. Earlier, the firm used to rely on CTCP plates to get its jobs done.

“The reason for the shift (CTCP to CTP) is to have good results and higher plate output,” Doshi adds. Another reason that Doshi cited was the improved print quality from the Kodak CTP kit. “There is a big difference between CTP and CTCP. Initially we installed CTCP looking to save costs, but we soon realised that CTP is much better than CTCP,” Doshi said. “When we installed a brand-new Komori, we installed the CTCP. But after some time, we realised that though the machine was good, we were not very happy with the dots and printing output and hence we decided to switch from CTCP to Kodak TH technology,” Doshi explained.

Apart from the new Kodak Achieve 400 kit, the firm has an in-house binding unit, lamination, punching, photo offset, and perfect binding kits (or kit) at its facility in Mulund. Doshi said, “We always like to be in a learning phase. We believe that in the printing industry, nobody is complete, and we always keep on learning from other printers, people, our clients and friends. We have always believed in updating ourselves in order to cater to today’s customer needs and to go with the market flow.”

Speaking about the new i nvestment, Doshi explained, “It (Kodak Achieve 400) delivers the stability and reliability of Kodak’s thermal CTP technology at exceptional value, enabling it to provide print quality that differentiates from the CTCP. It is easy to use and new features such as automation and significant power savings make the platesetters a smart investment for the business.” Explaining the reason behind choosing a Kodak kit, he said, “As all of us know Kodak is a good and reputed brand. I have heard from other printers as well that Kodak is a good machine. So, I made my decision. I trust Kodak as a brand. Furthermore, it’s the Kodak imaging technology, which is not offered by other CTP machines and was talked about by other printers. This was the key reason we opted for the Kodak machine.” Doshi said that his firm has faced zero rejections in terms of plates and jobs after installing the Kodak CTP kit.

The firm has also been able to reduce the manpower from two operators for the CTCP kit to one for the Kodak Achieve 400. Apart from that, Doshi believes that the Kodak kit is very user friendly with better dot accuracy. “The man handling the machine is not literate, but even then, he is able to operate the machine very well. Overall, looking at all aspects, we can say that Kodak CTP is more economical and user friendly (in comparison to CTCP),” Doshi asserted.

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