Acme Rolltech buys its second engraving machine

Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based Acme Rolltech has invested in a new engraving machine from ALE UK. This is the second machine from the company at the Acme shopfloor. The machine will be ready for use by the second week of April.

24 Mar 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Acme Rolltech with its new installation

Acme installed the first engraving machine from ALE UK in 2019. The machine was 4.5-m in size. The new machine is 2.5-m in size. 

According to Sandeep Sharma, director, Acme Rolltech, the company has also invested in new machines for its pre-post processing of anilox rolls and sleeves. “With these new installations, we are doubling our production capacity from an average of 200 rolls/sleeves per month to 400 rolls/sleeves per month, with sizes ranging from 150 to 3,200-mm,” he said.

Started in 2019, Acme Rolltech is the first Indian company to manufacture Ceramic anilox rolls and sleeves in India. “In a short span of three years, we have received tremendous support from our customers all over India. We are working with almost all OEM manufacturers in India for narrow web flexo, stack flexo and CI Flexo machines,” Sharma said.

He added that the company also exports to more than 15 countries. 

Sharma said the new machine from ALE comes with loads of new features, including the latest twin track offering.

He added, “Rather than being a supplier of anilox rolls/sleeves, we strive to provide value services/solutions to our customers by understanding their requirements and providing them customised solutions. With this approach, we have created our own market segment not only in India but outside as well.”

He added that the company is going to announce the launch of many new products for different market segments in 2022. 

Acme serves around 600 customers, 550 in India and 50 overseas.