ACG opens lab for process development in Shirwal

Pharma manufacturing solutions giant, ACG, has added another specialist division to its integrated global offering with the official inauguration of its first ACG laboratories site – a lab for process development in Shirwal.

26 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Marcus Michel, CEO, ACG Engineering with Geena Malhotra, head of manufacturing operations, Cipla, at the launch of ACG Laboratories

The new facility is set to provide ACG’s customers and partners with a research, development, testing, and training environment dedicated to the collaborative exploration of all aspects of oral solid dosage manufacturing. 

As an extension of ACG’s broader customer service offering (which includes process equipment recommendations and solutions, formulation and scale-up support, new product development and validation, and technical training), the new lab now allows ACG clients to explore and solve their manufacturing needs and challenges in a dedicated and state-of-the-art space. The facility also answers a growing customer need for training and assistance with clinical trials and development projects.

The lab houses a dedicated R&D space for small-scale development, and a pilot area for scale-up and process optimisation studies. It is equipped to accommodate multiple projects at a time.

The Shirwal Process Development Lab is led by fifteen industry experts, covering every manufacturing niche and application. Among them are specialists in areas including fluid bed and high shear mixer granulation, bottom spray pellet coating and drying, tablet compression and coating as well capsule filling. To date, this team has been responsible for the development of over 3,500 formulations.

Marcus Michel, CEO of ACG Engineering, said, “We believe in constantly trying to make the life of our customers and end users easier and better. The lab’s multi-purpose functionality allows us to support our customers in a way of an aligned partnership throughout the product development process. It provides a ‘go-to’ knowledge hub for continuous support of the customer in various stages of product manufacturing across different OSD applications. It is also a benchmark for our industry. Recent situation has shown us how critical close collaboration and agility have become to reaching the end-user’s requirements. If ACG can be part of that evolution with our clients, then we’ll truly be living up to our ‘Make it better’ mission.”