Ace's corrugated POS solutions at In-Store Asia

Mumbai-based Ace Enterprises, emerging player in corrugated POS solutions, showcased a range of its corrugated applications at the In-Store Asia 2018. At the three day show, it also exhibited applications in home furniture such as chairs and tables created from corrugated boards.

26 Feb 2018 | By Sujith Ail

Its applications were divided into three segments of POS – modern trade, general trade, activation. Under modern trade, Ace offers free-standing display unit, stacker display, countertop display, general trade has parasite display, flanges, hanging displays and under activation, it has canopy, gazebo, promotable etc.

Services offered are design and prototyping for the product designers and retail industry and integrated packaging and POS design. Ace provides a complete solution from the start offering consultations in design, material selection, product holding capacity, etc.


Ace’s 15,000 sq/ft facility incorporates a Zund cutting table, a corrugator machine for pasting and scoring for fabrication plus an HP Latex, eco-solvent, inkjet printer with lamination for printing plus manual and automatic screen printing setup.

Sunpack, PVC foamboard, PP Board, HIPS Sheet, ABS Sheets, acrylic sheet, paperboard, bubble board are the other materials which the Ace deploys for POS solutions.

Some of Ace’s clients are Airtel, Bisleri, Mondelez, Cello, Glenmark, Tata, Tuborg, Seagram’s, Gowardhan.