Aayush Arts buys Creofoil

Bhiwandi, Mumbai-based Aayush Arts has invested in a foil printing machine from Creofoil.

15 Jan 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Nilesh Premji Marru, director, Aayush Arts with his Creofoil

Nilesh Premji Maru, Director, Aayush Arts said, “The latest versions of the Creofoil machines are not only techno-smart but budget-friendly as well. They are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and enrich production standards. The Creofoil machines are well-designed and can handle the production pressure. The easy and hurdle-free installation process adds more value to machines. Users can be confident in the daily use of the machine without worrying about the breakdown.”

Maru, who has been in the packaging and printing industry since 2001, added, that the machine will help in increasing the profitability and sustainability of the business in the market. Printers and packagers will be able to get more ROI and can enhance the quality of the products. There are many companies in the market but Creofoil is highly reliable and trustable.

“Smart foil is designed to modify and smarten the working style, it provides the best-in-class solutions. Currently, it pioneers auto-take of three-mm with gripper utility, unlike sucker grippers. The UV materials that Creofoil offers is economical and the quality of foil rolls are same as the foil being used in hot foil stamping. It can print on substrates of 25 to 300 microns and is capable of running on a minimum of 57-gsm paper and maximum 10-mm acrylic,” he added

He added, “Creofoil is the perfect solution to deal with the issues present in the hot foil stamping. It can work on both laminated and non-laminate substrates and has a wide range of applications from plastics to acrylic laminate, etc. It strengthens us to deal with a great number of projects and deliver them more swiftly than ever before. This machine has brought our production speed and timing to a new level”.