Aakar Sign installs EFI Vutek GS2000LX Pro

Ahmedabad-based Aakar Sign and Prints has installed an EFI Vutek GS2000LX Pro. The 10-colour LED UV inkjet printer has been supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

03 Aug 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Apurva Shah, manager director, Aakar Sign, said, “We are thrilled to move forward after a lot of research with the LED UV from Arrow/EFI. We have bought many printers from Arrow over the years and have a close relationship with the agency since our first invest in a Vutek many years ago.”

Shah said, looking at opportunities in the signage market, the company decided to move towards greener technology and found EFI Vutek to be the most trustworthy option. “Arrow has always been a great experience and we feel very comfortable and secure in their support and their continuous R&D in developing various materials and applications which are crucial in developing UV inkjet markets. The LED technology has fascinated me a lot as now we can print a lot many applications which earlier were a nightmare in our solvent printers,” he added.

The GS2000LX Pro is a 2mm flatbed/ roll-fed UV hybrid printer. The fully-loaded, production-level LED UV-curing printer with true greyscale technology extends the range of supported substrates with an innovative ink-curing technology. It reduces operating costs with less material fall out and smooth production runs, and boosts productivity with its continuous printing capability.

“The machine is perfect to satisfy our demands for a greener printing solution with less waste, fewer consumables and decreased power consumption,” Shah added.

Shah said the machine can be used as a replacement for multiple lower-productivity printers or can be added as a complementary piece of equipment to increase current printing capacity with a larger range of direct to substrate printing.

The EFI VUTEk GS2000LX Pro offers eight-colours plus double white printing for photorealistic quality and Fast-5 printing for production speeds. It comes with dual resolution capability of 600dpi or 1,000dpi and delivers production speeds, taking up less floor space than comparable printers.