51 Questions: Tejas Tanna, Printmann Group

Mumbai-based Printmann Group has a unique growth trajectory, from a boutique commercial operation to a pharma packaging all-rounder. The credit, of course, goes to Bipin Tanna, the man at the helm, for his vision of broadening the outlook to new horizons. As the company continues to grow, the young scion of the company, Tejas Tanna, director, Printmann Group, carries forward that vision.

20 Nov 2016 | By PrintWeek India

What is the story of your firm’s name?

Printmann was the idea of my father, Bipin Tanna, the MD of the company. He added an additional ‘m’ to Printmann, to give it a German feel.

When was the last time a job got rejected?

It was an internal rejection, six months ago.

The one thing you like about the label-making process?

The adhesive.

What is your favourite label?

The new Parachute label. It has a nice graphics, it is subtle, and it creates the effect without being loud.

Your favourite shrink sleeve label or in-mould labels?

The Coke. The consistency of the red amazes me.

If you could work in another label firm, which one would you like to work in?

Any Graphics. I am quite impressed with their work.

Can you change the anilox on your press?

Yes, I can, with some assistance.

What does inspection mean for you?

It’s the soul of the label operation.

The best compliment from a print buyer?

I don’t want to sound bombastic, but this is the line – “I don’t know what you people do, but it’s very difficult to replace you.”

Your most innovative label?

We are in pharma, so there’s little scope for innovation. But, we created a label for a small pharma company that had started a cosmetic division. We produced a label with on washable, non-tearable substrate with foiling. That’s the one time we could innovate.

The first thing you do when you see a label on a beer bottle?

Scratch it. And it sends me in a quandary as to why they don’t use pressure sensitive labels.

Do you think the future of labels is huge?

Very huge. Given the present per capacity of 0.30 sq/m, even if that figure doubles, there would be tremendous requirement for labels.

What is your favourite narrow-web label process?

The die-cutting part. It’s tough.

What is the first thing you notice when you enter your shopfloor?

If everything is in place, there’s no littering, housekeeping is in order and people in general are following the SOPs.

Toughest colour to print? Cadbury purple? Bank of Baroda orange?

Cadbury purple.

What is the least favourite thing about labels?


What was the one book you read about labels which is a must read?

Unfortunately, I haven’t read a book, but I keep track of the information online.

One comment by a print buyer that made you lament?

Your cost is too high.

What is the last thing you do before you exit the plant?

Thank God. We have a small place of worship outside our factory in Navi Mumbai.

Which jobs are you printing right now?

It’s Amlodipine, a drug for hyper-tension.

If you were a press manufacturer, what would be the one thing you would do?

Faster change-around.

Your favourite printing ink?


Who is the one person you talk to on the phone whenever there is an emergency?

My father Bipin Tanna.

 Labelexpo India or Brussels?

A bit of both.

Your favourite post-press operation?


If you could re-print your hair colour on your press? Which special colour will you use?

Special black.

The last investment you made?

We got the new Flytec 3000 label inspection rewinding system from ABG. We also upgraded our Flytec 2000 to 3000 using the same software.

What kind of investment would you like to make?

We are likely to make a new investment in a flexo press.

Tough to print, in summer or winter or monsoon?

Monson technically, but we have controlled environment. Thus, it does not matter to us.

Self-glue vs wet-glue?

Self-glue, because it gives better productivity to the end-user. Cost is a factor, but at the end of the day, there will be savings. That’s the market one should target. And if required even put a label applicator at the end-of-the-line to promote self-glue.

Your favourite die-maker? One trick in die making?

Rotometrics. The precision of the height of the blade.

Your favourite operator in your press?

Mr Kalekar. He is the oldest, and honest. If there is a problem, he will find where it is, suggest changes.

Your favourite printing factory to visit?

If I had a chance to visit a label plant, I would like to visit Any Graphics in Noida. And I would like to even see Pragati.

Which was the last factory you visited?

None until now.

Do you have an invention which is your own?

We have, but not in labels.

Your favourite sound on the shopfloor?

The printing press.

What is the longest run length job you have produced?

Total 15 lakh pharma labels for TLE.

The shortest run?

1,000 labels.

What is the special talent at your firm?

Service and commitment to our customers. We try to match the specifications no matter what.

Your favourite motto?

Concentrate on quality and service, success will follow.

One rule in your firm which you repeat again and again?

Never cheat a customer.

Favourite celebrity who you would like to visit your firm?

Narendra Modi.



What’s your dot gain?

Since it’s offset for now, it’s around 5-10%.

The first label press you saw?

Mark Andy, I worked on one.

Vignette or micro-text? Which has been toughest to print?

Vignette. In offset, sharpness required for micro-text printing can be achieved, because there is no squeeze pressure. But in flexo, it would be little difficult.

Most stocked substrate in your godown?

Mylar label stock.

One set of standards which has set you apart from the competition?

BS 9000 and the BRC. We are also approved by Walmart.

What’s the comfort zone you would like a label designer to get out of?

I would love the designer to work more with the printers than the clients and understand the process. Their creativity can be channelised in a better way. Working with printers will help the designer and the printers will achieve in print what you see on the screen.

Your favourite brand which uses a label the best?

A hair-fall product, Tugain.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

My Life My Way.