Rex Studio invests in Xerox Versant 280

Nagercoil-based Rex Studio has recently invested in a Xerox Versant 280. John Rexlin of Rex Studio said, “The investment is worth it. The ROI on this machine is progressive. The functionality of Versant 280 is good and able to meet the customer's needs. The company executives have given us the proper training and are well-educated about the machine and also visit the shop to find any difficulties raised.”

21 Jul 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

John Rexlin of Rex Studio with the new Xerox Versant 280

In the photography business for the last 25 years and a Xerox loyalist, the company was previously using a Xerox 560. 

Rexlin said there is a reality in the output of print on the Xerox machine because the designs and colours have a royal look. “Since the job work will be in bulk quantities, the usage of the machine will be optimum and therefore the cost per unit will be less. Servicing the customers is easy to take printing when it is in bulk,” he said.

Rex Studio was started 25 years ago as a small studio printing all kinds of cards. It has a 2,000-sqft office with a good facility for customers to sit in the lounge. Customers' job work is completed with the latest, Xerox Versant 280, lamination machines, cutting machines, creasing and perforation machines, and wire stitcher machines. It employs 20 people. 

After the installation, Rexlin said the experience has been good. “We did not encounter or find any shortcomings. The company supplied the manual and educated all the staff concerned about operating the digital printing machine. Working on the digital machine was simple and easy to handle,” he said.