PrintWeek Awards 2023: Nisarga Works wins Fine Art Printer of the Year (Joint Winner)

Gone are the days when prints were viewed as the Cinderellas of the art world, lacking distinction and not elegant enough to keep company with paintings or other distinguished art forms. Not any more. After seeing the submissions received in the Fine Art Printer of the Year category, the judges described it as “a celebration of printmaking.”

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Nisarga Works wins Fine Art Printer of the Year

Mumbai’s Nisarga Works had four entries, which earned it the Fine Art Printer of the Year 2023. It demonstrated how the definition of a print is constantly evolving. Prints of Theyyam Festival by Sarin Vachal; Limited edition prints of original art by Sudarshan Shaw; Print and dropship for Indian Artists, Richa Kshelkar; and The Aksa Collection for Craig Boehman, all works of arts were reproduced “sticking 100% true to the original”, said Kedar Bhide, an active conservationist whose love for the environment matches his love for photography.

There’s nothing that gives a photographer or an artist a worse nightmare than the possibility of their print reproductions being watered-down versions of their visualisation. Bhide was a victim, too. In 2017, Bhide took it upon himself to be the change. He started Nisarga Works, and equipped it with the Epson P-9000, the best of the monitors, Eizo and the best of the software, Fiery FX, to get the closest match to the original tonality and colours to meet our client requirements. “We try to deliver maximum colour matching to your vision.” 

Each print was a challenge. The challenge in the Theyyam Festival sample was to get the bright colour and true blacks without showing high noise as most of the images were shot at very high ISO, while the challenge in Sudarshan Shaw’s print was to match prints with originals. “We had to use all our photography and printing knowledge to deliver the job,” said Bhide.

The judges were impressed with the “level of detail and the way the colours came to life” in all the samples Nisarga Works submitted.


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