PPOA and Toyo ink a three-year agreement

The Poona Press Owners Associations (PPOA) and Toyo Ink India have inked an extended supply agreement, by which Toyo will continue to supply its offset products to the PPOA member printers as per the terms and conditions which have been mutually agreed upon between PPOA and Toyo Ink.

06 Jun 2018 | By Sujith Ail

The extended agreement is for the next three years thus making it eleven years of a unique supply module between Toyo Ink and PPOA.

The announcement was made during the 99th Anniversary program on 19 May in Pune. The grand function was graced by the guardian minister, Girish Bapat along with print dignitaries from the All India Federation of Master Printers and PPOA. Kotaro Yoshida, chairman and managing director and KS Murthy, director of Toyo Ink India were also present.

According to Murthy, Toyo Ink has been active and a preferred supplier of PPOA for more than a decade. “This year its special for PPOA as it is celebrating its centenary year and subsequently it was a proud moment for Toyo Ink team too that during this celebration time we entered such an agreement with PPOA. This was an appreciation for the efforts Toyo Ink has taken since past years to live up to the expectations of PPOA."

Murthy said, "The partnership has been successful thus far due to the quality products, well-trained team and sensible business vision that Toyo Ink was able to receive such an honour of preferred partner from PPOA."

Murthy added, "The module follows a transparent business system wherein Toyo and PPOA have jointly developed customers. To-date the list consists of more than 50 customers who use Toyo products. Toyo’s consistent quality has always been its unique identity as compared to its competitors. "

As per Toyo spokesperson, "It is a unique supply module between Toyo and PPOA in India. Having said so, Toyo is always open to having such agreement with other print associations with mutually acceptable terms and conditions like the one with PPOA."