Pamex 2023: Emerging Graphics make sales announcement

Navi Mumbai-based Emerging Graphics is running live demos of its packaging CAD software from EngView in Bulgaria. Besides the CAD software, it also has graphics software Founder SuperLine and PaSharp, capable of converting raw artwork into print-ready files. There are two other digital-cutting machines also on display

29 Mar 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Tushar Pande, director, Emerging Graphics

Tushar Pande, director, Emerging Graphics, informed PrintWeek/WhatPackaging? that the equipment on the stand, namely its digital-cutting machines, the smaller Iecho PK 0705 Plus and the bigger Iecho BK4-1312have found buyers at the show. The company has signed four deals for the PK 0705 Plus kit and two for Iecho BK4-1312.

Pande also informed that Emerging Graphics has signed deals for three licences of its EngView and Founder’s SuperLine and PaSharp software.

While explaining the products featured at the Emerging stand, Pande said that the Founder SuperLine is a unique product. “It is an anti-counterfeiting software incorporating design security elements on the packaging, which makes counterfeiting difficult.

On the hardware side, two digital cutting machines, the Iecho PK 0705 Plus is capable of handling paperboards. In contrast, the bigger Iecho BK4-1312 kit can handle packaging applications such as paperboard, honeycomb, acrylics, MDF, and aluminium of up to 30 mm.

The unique selling point of Iecho BK4-1312 is its modularity. “The machine is capable of loading tools depending on the user's changing need. So, there is no need to invest in a Christmas tree on day one. Just buy a base machine and then add the tools one by one as per the changing needs,” said Pande.

Despite these cutters being in the mid-range, Emerging Graphics has been able to install 150 machines in India. Pande explained, “Selling something at the low end of the market is nothing but inviting user service dissatisfaction. So as a choice, we always wanted to position ourselves in the cream area where the product is delivering optimum value and can compete in terms of performance. We  have customers who have repeated their orders, and that is proof that these machines are delivering value.”