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The Michelman top brass of Karen Smith and Jeff Rodgers visited the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings in Mumbai last week, and interacted with customers and the Indian team. Smith, independent director spoke about recyclability, sustainable packaging and 70 years of water-based coating expertise which guarantees "full compliance with recyclability protocol and food contact requirements".

26 Mar 2018 | By PrintWeek India

According to Jeff Rodgers, executive vice president and chief operating and the financial officer "We hear requests for more bio-based and renewable products, and for differentiated solutions that increase coating performance properties. I have visited India and my aim is to learn first-hand about our capabilities in these areas and get a first-hand look at our high-performance coating solutions."

He continued, "Increased regulatory requirements outlined including the recent government legislation about plastic in India, and other agencies around the world, have changed the landscape of the coatings industry. Our industry has an interesting road ahead because brands and consumers want products to be green and sustainable plus address region-specific market needs. I believe, Michelman has the expertise to help the industry navigate this changing landscape."

Shailesh Nema, Michelman India’s director said, that since the inauguration, the MICC has invited brand owners, film producers, converters, universities to take advantage of the Kroenert pilot coater laminator. The MICC boasts of equipment for barrier testing, lamination, and for improving both the physical and chemical properties of coatings. One of the focus areas at the MICC is creating packaging structures with improved barrier properties.

Rodgers said, "We are always happy with seven layers packaging products because it is an opportunity for Michelman. Our scientists are seeking to create superior monolayers." And so, a flexible packaging solution like Michem Flex P-series extrusion coating primers which is a water-based formulations rendered packaging films and papers more receptive to extruded PE and PP film. This allows for a more efficient extrusion process at lower temperatures, and with better adhesion to the substrate. Grades are available for applications ranging from basic dry and wet, to demanding retort packaging.

Likewise, there is Michelman’s new oxygen barrier coating which eliminates the need to use alternatives containing chlorine, or nanoparticles, while maintaining effectiveness through processing and distribution functions. It shows excellent printability and lamination bond strength and is compliant for use in food. Formulated as a single component, ready to use coating, Michem Flex Barrier 3510 is easy to apply in-line or off-line, and without a primer. Because it requires no mixing, it exhibits excellent shelf life. Rodgers concluded, " The idea is to elongate the shelf life and create an oxygen barrier on flexible packaging film and paper."

Steven J Shifman, president and CEO, Michelman 
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