Yashwant Pardeshi: We must try to innovate in India and increase its’ global purchase

Yashwant Pardeshi, business development executive, Unique Photo Offset Services, shares his views with the PrintWeek India team.

17 Apr 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The packaging industry urgently needs new approaches. One suggestion you have about what is needed next?
The print industry needs unification among print houses about costing. There must be competition but it should be about quality and service. Nowadays firms are producing jobs at a very low-profit margin. It seems a ploy to grab the market. It is not healthy for the market. There must be unification and a standard to be set. For example, an organisation has to monitor this. So, our industry becomes a profitable business.

Is there a limit to the technological “fixes”. Should machine manufacturers have a broader approach?
India has a good state of art types of machinery. But to be able to use it with 100% capability, we need to educate our employees and invest in innovation.

Every day, as you know, new technology is being launched in the Indian packaging market but it is from out of India. We must try to innovate in India and sell it to the world. Everyone owns a machine from Italy or some other European country. No one is aspiring for an Indian machine. Invest in innovation in India. This should be the approach of a machine manufacturer.                                 

A packaging launch which made you go wow!
A packaging launch which made me go wow was the Avery Dennison security and anti-counterfeit label solutions.

A software trick or a tech app everyone in our industry should know about
The PressMan App.

A packaging factory you visited which blew your brain! Why so?
A factory I visited which blew my brain is the Unique Photo Offset services where I work. It is an innovation house for colour matching, solid knowledge and experience in colour matching that can match the gravure colour with the flexo. Plus there is an outdoor and indoor digital printing unit with quality print and service that big FMCGs and advertising agencies rely on. A must visit.

One book about print or packaging that you have read which is a must read according to you
A book about print or packaging, The Printing Ink Manual by R Leach.