Yash Pahuja: The focus should be on higher productivity

Yash Pahuja, a student of DOT Institute of Graphic Communications in Mumbai shares his views with the PrintWeek India team.

17 Apr 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The print industry urgently needs new approaches. One suggestion you have about what is needed next?
There have been a lot of technological shifts happening recently, from solvent-based consumables to aqueous-based, usage of recyclable laminates, eco-friendly inks, applying the concept of 3R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce). Using a quality and conservative approach to satisfy the customer as well as mother nature.   

Is there a limit to the technological “fixes”. Should machine manufacturers have a broader approach?
The manufacturers and the engineers should implement and adopt innovative requirements that give higher productivity with less floorspace. For example, TechNova manufactures a smaller version of a CTP device with an inbuilt exposure as well as developer.

A packaging or printing or OOH launch which made you go, WOW!
A fashion advertisement hoarding at Big Bazar in Indore, where there was a 3D artefact on an actual fabric with LED lights weaved into it.

One packaging-print blunder you spotted in 2019?
Two blunders, firstly, colour variations due to improper profiling and secondly, RGB files not being converted to CMYK. These are the two standard mistakes.

A software trick or a tech app everyone in our industry should know about
Transaction processing system to control financial transactions and operate them with the help of an advanced excel and at top-level management features. The decision support system (DSS) is recommended as it groups all the sub-data from other systems and provides final data which facilitates policy and decision making. DSS also allows one to view the job status.

A print or packaging factory you visited which blew your brain! Why so?
Vijayshri Packaging, a 25-year old company with the best-in-class infrastructure and good employment policy. This includes in-house meals and accommodation.

Vijayshri specialises in the manufacturing of mono and window cartons. They have a production capacity of 25-million cartons per month.

One book about print or packaging that you have read which is a must read according to you.
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology, Third Edition.  It covers key aspects of packaging technologies essential to the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others. It is an invaluable resource for packaging technologists, scientists and engineers, students and educators, packaging material suppliers, packaging converters, packaging machinery manufacturers, processors, retailers, and regulatory agencies.