My ten wonders of the PrintWeek Awards ‘16

132 print firms and 1000+ entries were pared down to 88 shortlisted print firms by the 28 member jury. This included 12 first-time Award winners.

10 Nov 2016 | By Ramu Ramanathan

I am jotting ten print jobs that stunned me.

Pragati Pack’s 10mn individualised cartons for an Indian FMCG major.

Spectrum Scan “Figital” solution, in which the POP integrated mechanical, electronics, and digital elements with print. For eg, the Axe POP with an iPad display.

Silverpoint’s Dancing Letters book for dyslexic kids to help them comprehend the distinction between similar-looking letters, symbols, and numbers. Every page with a different gimmick – arrow-pull, mirror pasting, pop-up, back-to-back pasting. 200 copies were produced in seven days.

Chanakya’s NCERT special accessible children’s books were unique – 40 different books with five copies each; total 200 copies digitally produced. It was a collaboration between NCERT and Chanakya Mudrak, with the company providing production technical knowhow. It took almost six months of R&D and pre-press for the books.

Viraj Prints’ work for Colgate Palmolive when they launched handwash. A fragrance card visualised and conceptualised by Viraj carried the lavender scent of the product. It was done with screen print.

Superlekha’s Lalbaugcha Raja which is a self-published book that contains exhaustive details and dated photographs of the Ganapati fest in Lalbaug. I loved SFA Prints’ miniature Holy Quran, too.

ITC’s job for United Spirits with glow-in-the-dark varnish for McDowell’s No 1, its flagship brand of whisky – using offline screen printing process.

Mudrika Labels, rendering fresnel lens for the first time on a flexo press in India, for Colgate’s 3X Buy 2 Get 1 Free label. Not only does it serve as an anti-counterfeiting measure, the pre-embossed lens added uniqueness to the product.

Jayna Packaging’s Loo Box recyclable toilet with corrugated board. This recyclable dry toilet is ideal for the elderly and travellers as well as a perfect tribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

The idea is to celebrate the great print idea. And we did!

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