Women in Print: Nazreen Wadia

Nazreen Wadia works as a vice president- operations at Arrow Digital. She follows cricket and loves listening to music while cooking

28 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Nazreen is the vice president of operations at Arrow Digital

Q: The most valuable work lesson?
A: A good plan, and a well executed one, is better than a perfect plan for tomorrow.

Q:  Any sport that you follow?
A: Cricket.

Q: What motivates you to start your day?
A: To face my fears and overcoming the daily challenges is a motivation  for me.

Q: Your role model?
A: My mother. She has always inspired me to handle tough situations in life.

Q: Your view on sustainability and going green.
A: Creating a sustainable earth for future generations is the best inheritance that we can give to our children.

Q: Your tip to resolve conflicts… 
Focus on what  is under your control and let go off the rest.

Q: One teacher you remember and why?
My maths teacher Nalini, as she was the only one who could convince me that maths is an easy subject.

Q: A really nice OOH campaign you spotted while travelling
The iPhone OOH campaign.

Q: Most useful app?
Google Maps.

Q: Your hobbies?
Listening to music while cooking.

Q: One key tip for good health?
Always think positively.

Q: Life is…?
Life is an adventure, dare it.