Vivek Kapoor: Interacting with the millennials helps us create new innovations

Navi Mumbai-based Creative Labels has been successful in recycling its matrix waste with the help of one of its partners.

Vivek Kapoor of Creative Labels in conversation with PrintWeek

04 Feb 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Vivek Kapoor

First-time jitters
It feels good to be nominated in one of the most prestigious awards of the industry.

Hidden talent
We are ‘creative’.

Scale of innovation
One has to be innovative. We keep ourselves abreast with new developments by attending various expos and exhibitions. Interacting with the millennials and understanding their thought process helps us create new innovations.

Best compliment from customer
This was at the start of my career. I had printed promotional labels for an FMCG company overnight, and when I personally went to hand it over, the whole team clapped for me. It was the best feeling after two sleepless nights. 

Our internal audits are keeping us busy.

We were successful in recycling our matrix waste with the help of one of our partners and we were proud to be the first in Western India to achieve this.

Advice to printers
I am the one who is always seeking advice, as I believe one always grows by learning from others.

Define a modern press
Having ERP systems.

Industry innovations in 2030
Digital printing will evolve to its fullest by 2030.

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