Viraj Patel: Change is the only constant

Viraj Patel, founder and director, Insta Print Pack says, "We have digitised the whole factory – from job cards to material dispatch receipts".

29 Jul 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Viraj Patel of Insta Print Pack

Tough 12 months. Was it all doom and gloom? Your view...
Indeed it was tough; many have lost their loved ones. The pandemic has taught us one important lesson: do something meaningful in life; money will be nothing, but a piece of offset-printed paper in the end. Last 12 months were a complete roller-coaster ride – from the time of complete lockdown of factories to fighting in the second wave.

Talking about the business situation, it's been almost the same as before. On a positive note, there is an increase in the export of printed products, which has benefited us.

A number of firms tried to reshape their businesses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has meant staggering print production or taking stock of warehouse and logistics. One change you have initiated in your methodology...
Everything digital; we have digitised the whole factory – from job cards to material dispatch receipts – so that less physical interaction will happen.

Many firms have been “switching work back on”, but not at the same volumes. How different are the new world requirements for your team as compared to the old?
I believe change is the only constant. This time it was pandemic (a few years back, it was competitions), which led to change. There will always be change, we need to change accordingly. 

How did your team and task force (and indeed family) cope with the virus? Any lessons for the fraternity in India...
The pandemic hit very hard on all, but from the start of it we had already informed our employees and loved ones that this year is not about growth or progress, it's just about survival, be it life or business. Safety and good health is our priority in any activity.

If you could send a short message from April 2021 to yourself in April 2019, what would you say? What do you wish you’d known about things such as Covid-19, pandemic and lockdown back then?
Be prepared for all the uncertainty, be optimistic and most importantly do something people will remember. Lockdown might be fun only in the initial couple of weeks.