Tushar Pande: Giant global leap via automation

Tushar Pande of Emerging Graphics is thrilled at the remarkable growth in number of small city printers who are choosing automation to gain an equivalent foothold at the global printing level

13 Jun 2018 | By Sriraam Selvam

The most important shift that the printing industry needs today is that it should no more be merely considered as a trade. It deserves a better attention overall and this is something the government should look into. With several factors hampering the growth of the print industry, the most important challenge is to sustain the business through the stiff price war which is prevalent in the market.

In the middle of this price battle what has surprised me the most is the emerging printing companies in the smaller cities. The growth of these companies in the smaller cities has been nothing short of remarkable. The interest that these companies indicate in opting for automation for almost every process on the shopfloor is significant in most of their bids to become global players.

Our company successfully implemented CAD and graphic solution at Vijayshri Packaging in Indore. The entire journey involved a complete shift from the use of Corel and Adobe Illustrator software to training them to use CAD solution effectively. Though it did take some time to have the operations running smooth, we are confident that the effort will be one of the contributors in the growth journey of Vijayshri Packaging. The organised method of pre-press is now being followed.

For the current year, we are banking on our EngView CAD solution which has slowly but steadily started finding favour with some of the top packaging printers in India.

Printing manages to spring up a pleasant surprise almost on a daily basis. Some of the results from Scodix that I have seen at various places have simply been wonderful. The intricacy of the jobs is a joy to behold.