Tried & Tested: Fortec 800 FT

The exceptional accuracy to deliver products with various customisation levels has made 800 FT, the preferred casemaker finds Sachin Shardul

06 Oct 2010 | By Sachin Shardul

Off the back of 2007 years of casemaking experience, Fortec Binding Systems launched the 800 FT at PrintPack 2009 in Delhi.

Advances in casemaking have not been particularly fast or earth shattering, but they have moved forward consistently, enough to create machines that are, today, both fast and efficient in what is an extremely specialist market.

Rohin Kumar, managing director at Fortec Binding Systems, says: "This is arguably the leading semi-automatic casemaker and we are proud to have a significant market share in India."

There have been 175 domestic and six international installations in Africa, Malaysia and Bhutan. These include installations at Jaipur Printers in Jaipur, Lucid Prints, Dhote Offset, Unique Printers and Hari Om Prints in Mumbai, CDC Printers and Art Printing House in Kolkata, Chennai Micro Print in Chennai, Anaswara Offset and St Francis in Kerala, Glo Color Lab in Coimbatore, Nandi Products, National Printing Press, Saynora Printers in Bangalore, Aurobindo Ashram Press in Pondicherry, G K Print House, Vizag, Pooja Publication in Aurangabad and Macromedia Digital, Lakshmi Art Printers in Hyderabad.

Best bits

The first ever Fortec 700 casemaker was sold at the beginning of 2006, It was not until 2009 that the 800 FT, was brought to the market and soon became the industry standard.

"The 800 FT was a totally blank canvas for us," Kumar explains. "We have designed and took all of the best bits from other Fortec equipment and amalgamated them to produce the best possible product. Today's Indian customers want value for money machines and Fortec provides just that."


"There are no changing parts needed at all, meaning that the makeready times are the fastest yet," says Kumar. The makeready on the 800 FT is reduced to five minutes, from the 15 to 20 minutes that previous model would have required.

The makeready time mainly consists of bringing the loads in and out and not the changing of any of the parts. Operator need not handle any spanner to do the makeready on the machine.

A unique feature of this machine is that it can be used with hot-melt glue and also cold glue without changing glue tank and wasting time. This allows the casemaker to run both faster and cleaner. Machine can be easily adjusted for inter changeable spine, the temperature can be maintained and locked with digital temperature meter. The glue roller is made up of high quality stainless steel to prevent from rusting. This increases the life of the roller. Fortec 800 FT is the first design which has pneumatic plate turning-in unit with three cylinders. The glue is controlled with AC drive systems for feeding all type of papers.

Navin Savla, director at Mumbai-based Hari Om Prints who has invested in a Fortec 800 FT for the book work, says: "Its simple design, very short makeready times and suitability for long and short-run work makes it the perfect fit."


Fortec 800FT is an advanced version of Fortec 800 with the latest touch panel technology. It is preferred for long run bigger sized jobs. This semi automatic casemaker is very easy to operate and is one of the Fortec's largest moving products.

The 800 FT has the capacity of producing 300 cases per hour and can handle paper from 40 gsm to 190 gsm thickness while board thickness varies from 0.5mm to 7mm.


Max paper size 480mm x 800mm

Min case size
100mm x 100mm

Paper thickness
40gsm -190gsm

Board thickness
0.5mm - 7mm

Turning in Width
15mm - 40mm

300 cases per hour

hot and cold

H 1150 x L 2700 x W800mm

750 kg

paper, laminated paper, paper coated sheet, rexin

6-10 bars
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