Top companies you can't miss at ProPak India 2019

The PrintWeek India team collates the latest equipment, printers, substrates and consumables to watch out at ProPak India 2019.

07 Oct 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Anton Paar India
The company would be displaying their various products including rotational viscometer, refractometer, polarimeter, density meter, portable alcohol meter, oxidation stability tester, particle size analysers, rotational rheometer, and microwave digestion system. However, ViscoQC 100 and Abbemat 3X00 would be the highlights in the booth. ViscoQC 100 is an entry-level viscometer, designed to bring simplicity to operation for single-point viscosity determination. The unique air-counter-cooled Peltier temperature device for DIN spindles saves space and time by providing accurate sample temperature control. Meanwhile, Abbemat 3X00 refractometers offer user-friendly operation for refractive index and concentration measurements. The company claims that the Abbemat 3X00 only need as much bench space as a sheet of printer paper.
Booth S43

Glatt India Engineering
Glatt India would be showcasing some of its fluid bed and spouted bed technologies for drying and particle design applications. Glatt will showcase the advantages of the design and the production of granules and pellets from powders and/or liquids with well defined, adjustable properties that allow enhanced application as well as better handling and storage.
Booth P1

Kangaro Industries
Miles, a stitching solution provider for the packaging/corrugation industries and a KGOC brand offers a range of stitch wires, staplers/tackers, pneumatic tackers, tape tool, staples, industrial staples, staple remover etc. This year at ProPak, the company would be showcasing its range of stitch wire, including commercial-grade, rust-resistant grade, and stainless steel stitch wires, for the corrugation industry.
Booth U15

Mahisa Packaging Systems
Mahisha Packaging Systems will be displaying hot-melt adhesive dispensing equipment and semi-automated cartoning solutions at the expo. The company claims that the manual hot-melt dispensing equipment is an economical solution that increases productivity and product value where traditional bonding methods are used. Mahisha’s semi-automated continuous glue sealer for cartons of variable sizes is claimed to make the process of end-of-line packaging easy and reduces cost and time.
Booth Q30

Mitsubishi Chemical India
Mitsubishi Chemical would be putting up its range of speciality packaging films and a food ingredient, Sugar Ester. J-Films are easy peelable films. Easy Peel is an easy-open sealant film that uses Mitsubishi Chemical's performance polymer alloy MODIC. Techbarrier is a high gas barrier film with silicon oxide coating on oriented polyester (OPET). Diamiron is non-expanding, multi-layered, flat cast film used for thermoforming package of foods, medical supplies and industrial accessories. Supernyl is a co-extruded bi-axially oriented gas barrier polyamide films. Ryoto Sugar Ester is used as an emulsifier in various recipes of food products such as chocolates, choco pies, sponge cakes etc.
Booth S4

Printing prowess at the show

The company would be showcasing industrial inkjet printers from Leibinger. According to the company, continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) are the perfect solution for product coding and marking due to its versatility, flexibility and efficiency. The CIJ printers from Leibinger print text, graphics, barcodes and data matrix codes on virtually every surface including plastic, cardboard, glass, metal, wood and many more. The printer's automatic nozzle seal, Sealtronic, prevents ink from drying in the printhead and from clogging the nozzle, hence eliminating time-consuming cleaning work during production.
Booth R34

Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta would be demonstrating various print application samples at ProPak India. The company would demonstrate samples created with MGI, KM1 and label types of equipment. The firm believes that innovative samples would be part of growing customer demands to differentiate prints for the growth of their business.
Booth S40

Samkin Industries
Samkin Industries, manufacturers and exporters of plastic PET rigid containers and closures would be showcasing its range of packaging solutions at the expo. The company boasts of a wide range of machines for screen printing, pad printing, shrink labelling, wad fixing, and hot foil stamping machine, to cater to the packaging needs of the customers.
Booth R40