The standout feature of the Revoria is its additional colours: Priyatosh Kumar

Ahead of Pamex 2024, to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre on 6-9 February, Priyatosh Kumar, associate director and head of graphic communications and device technology business, Fujifilm India, shares the company’s plan for the exhibition.

05 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Priyatosh Kumar, associate director and head of graphic communications and device technology business, Fujifilm India

What are the updates from the last edition of Pamex at your company? How has the last year been for your company – new moves? 

At the last edition of Pamex, Fujifilm India marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of Superia ZX processless plates, receiving widespread acclaim for its innovative impact on the printing industry. Over the past year, the company expanded its reach through strategic installations of the Revoria PC 1120 printing press in various regions. This showcases Fujifilm India's endeavour to accelerate the growth of local businesses in the country with high-tech printing solutions.

In 2023, Fujifilm India’s graphic communications division witnessed notable growth, with substantial progress across both analogue and digital product lines. This upward trend is fueled by the expanding Indian economy, ranking as the world's fastest-growing major economy, and increased demand for digital printing services with a shift in customer preferences. With this momentum, we are confident that Fujifilm India will continue on this positive trajectory in the coming future.

What is the star product in the bouquet of products you will be showcasing at Pamex 2024, which will be of interest to the visitors? 

The star highlight at Pamex 2024 is Fujifilm India’s Revoria PC 1120. With a six-colour print engine, it offers unrivalled expressive potential in the digital printing sector with a high speed of 120-ppm across various stocks. It ensures exceptional productivity, supports multiple finishing choices and optimizes the print-to-post-press workflow. This high-definition, high-output resolution machine has become a preferred choice in the Indian photo lab community.

What are the three highlight features in the kit/software that the visitors should look out for in your star product? And how will the kit and the features give the label converter an edge among its converters? 

Beyond the focus on quality and speed, Revoria PC 1120’s standout feature is its capacity to empower printers with additional colours, which is proving to be a crucial differentiator in the market. With a six-colour print engine, label converters can now work on an expanded gamut and delve into versatile applications. For instance, the introduction of new colours is opening new creative possibilities such as silver and gold to craft high-quality invitation cards, using textured toner for premium coffee table books on special papers and creating unique menu cards on coloured papers using white and gold. Additionally, the machine's versatility shines through its ability to handle higher microns and 400-gsm paper, making it ideal for various packaging requirements. Fujifilm India’s long-term commitment to continuous innovation to stay technologically ahead in this competitive industry creates a long-term connection with our brand. 

We have seen packaging converters/commercial & book printers invest in new kits/software from the last edition of Pamex. What are your installation numbers in India and worldwide? And in 2023 to date? 

In our continuous efforts to expand our technological footprint to diverse segments across the country, we made significant installations of the extraordinary Revoria PC 1120 printing press ranging to 34 units in India with installations directed towards quick printers, commercial offset printers, government customers and finally the photo lab segment. This strategic placement exemplifies this machine’s value as an exceptional addition for businesses seeking high-quality and productive printing solutions across each category of printing segment.

Your outlook for 2024-25? 

Looking ahead, the printing industry is poised for a transformative shift led by a dynamic convergence of innovation and sustainability. The market is experiencing a notable shift, driven by a growing emphasis on automation, speed and integration within the printing process. A key trend shaping the industry is the surging popularity of customized prints, reflecting the demand for unique product offerings. Furthermore, the intersection of artificial intelligence and data-driven insights is steering the industry toward a more intelligent and responsive printing ecosystem. Notably, the market's momentum is also fueled by the demand generated from end customers, propelled by India's vast consumption base and fast economic growth.